Saturday, February 5, 2011

Curry Plate @ Tokyo Disney

Completely unrelated to the Super Bowl tomorrow but.. another Katsu Curry post.

This one is from the Hungry Bear Restaurant at Tokyo Disneyland sponsored by House Foods (familiar to us by our very own Curry House chain of restaurants).

The main objective at TDL was for me to spend quality time with my sister's kids as the good uncle that I am should. I would've much preferred Tokyo DisneySea next door but TDL was the kids choosing for the more thrilling type rides. But anyway, apologies to all the strangers in the pics below but I felt too lazy to blur their faces tonight.

[Everybody loves curry...]

Katsu Curry - large. I was almost tempted to get the regular size because it's served on a cuter pill shaped plate. The Fukushinzuke came in little plastic packets which I forgot to take a photo of. We ate indoors so the meal photo turned out dark.

Man was my feet tired from all the walking. We were there from early morning till closing. But it was still a super day. Big Smiles. :)

Oops, so about the curry.. It was surprisingly good. Very extra velvety smooth and creamy in texture and had good moderately rich flavors to it. If Curry House(s) in California could emulate this, I'd be an even more happiestest uncle of all.


K and S said...

I haven't been to T.D. in ages! Glad you had a nice curry lunch there :)

meemalee said...

Did you go on the Indiana Jones ride? We've not been to DisneySea but we've been to TDL twice :)

Dennis K. said...

Hi K&S, considering theme park food is usually horrible it was decent.. I have to say I had very low expectations which helped, haha.

Hi meemalee! I think the Indiana Jones ride is ast DisneySea. If you get a chance to go there I think you and hubby will enjoy it. Much more adult oriented but not as many thrillery rides. Or so I hear...