Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Go Go Curry!

Darn where did January go go!?

Of my long list of Premium junk food to be had, a plate of Go Go Curry was one of them. Happy to report I've got it now crossed off my extensive list.

Never knew there was a "Kanazawa style" Japanese curry but I learned it is a distinctively dark rich / gloppy thick rued variety. Visually completely smothering the rice, it's also always accompanied with a side of finely shredded cabbage and ideally topped with a katsu pre-dressed in some sauce. Other hallmarks of the Kanazawa style is that it is served in a metal dish and eaten with a blunt fork (or sometimes the inner child regressing spork). Awesome.

I believe this Shinjuku shop happens to be GGC's commemorative first foothold in Tokyo. The below ground shop was the size of a janitor's closet and just as exciting to be in despite the plastered loud graphics outside. Even the extremely upbeat Go Go Propaganda (made to sound like a morning radio show) playing as a loop over the speakers were canceled out by silent dreary looking overworked urbanites. Anyhow despite I admit the curry was very good. ;)

The secret spiced recipe of their rue (which also takes several days to prepare including the time for flavors to set and mature) was deep, strangely familiar but also somehow something I couldn't put my finger on. A mysterious aftertaste hint of sage... cumin... all spice...??? Couldn't say. The pork cutlet was thick, fried to order and tender. The drizzled sauce I felt wasn't your typical off the self Chuno but concocted to complement the curry's flavors like the one found at CoCo Ichibanya (post coming soon).

Is it good enough to succeed in their plans of world domination? So far they've managed to successfully set shop in NY City and a couple in Singapore. Time can only tell if their name will eventually be as household as Coca Cola, but I'd personally be more than happy if they replaced my local KFC for sure. Go Go Curry!


K and S said...

curry yum!

Anonymous said...


ちょっと いろはちがうけど、つきじしじょうの かれーや、おもいだしました。


ここも それなりに Bきゅうでは ゆうめいです^^。S.A.

Dennis K. said...

Hi K&S, for me anytime is curry time! :)

Hi S.A.さん こんばんは! まーまーおいしかったですよ。 つきじもいちよう いってみたんだけど、やっぱり おしょうがつあけで まだ店がいっぱいしまっていました。。 でもリンクの店いってみたい! つきじの人たちあいてだからきっとうまいはず。あとロゴがかわいくていいかんじ。。;)

meemalee said...

There's a GoGo curry in Akiba which always looked packed whenever we went past it - must try it when we go back :)

Dennis K. said...

Hi Meemalee, yeah I might've seen two GGC in Akihabara, that or I was walking in circles. Champion Curry (also one in Akiba) is also famous and is Kanazawa style.