Saturday, February 12, 2011

Okinawa Ika-Sumi Squid Ink Soup

Tried Ika-Sumi squid ink soup for the first time back home. I have a few family members that are absolutely gaga about the stuff and so went to one of their favorite restaurants...

I've had squid ink Italian pasta or other foods with it incorporated into the recipe in the past and liked it but never something so... visually straightforward as this. ;) Good news I found it totally edible (haha). Fairly good in fact where the soup wasn't overly fishy (or squidy) than I imagined (made with a blend of bonito and maybe also some pork broth). Lots of large pieces of squid, some pork and it's customary for it to also have in it very herby flavored greens that reminds me of shungiku but I read is Sojina.

For sure don't wear your favorite shirt and also come hungry, because as the place's name Inaka suggests, they're known for a very rustic and larger portion style. The fresh and affordable sashimi and sushi neta cut large and thick (personally almost felt too thick at times) is fairly known with even a few celebrity autographs decorating the walls. The ika-sumi soup was good but I certainly wouldn't go completely nutzo over it.. ;P

Prices were unbelievable though, six to eight bucks for these filling seafood lunch sets. Under ten even for the sashimi set shown above. And check out the nigiris below!

A great place to visit if you're hungry but also have a good set of chompers maybe. The stewed whole fish from the table across did look pretty good.


K and S said...

wow! dunno if I would've been able to eat all that ika soup, though the sushi really look good!

edjusted said...

Geez, that squid ink soup looks so thick. So..."totally edible" huh? That doesn't sound very compelling :P

Dennis K. said...

Hi Kat, yeah that was a lot of soup for one. Glad I tried it but if I'm ever back I'm going for the nigiri set. :)

Hi Ed, haha, that was my reaction to friends/relatives that absolutely love the stuff. I thought it was ok, for me one of those things that's nice to try once.

Wandering Chopsticks said...

New camera? Very nice photos.

Oosh. I'd have a hard time eating so much black. Which is funny because I love black sesame, but squid ink is so darker in flavor.

Dennis K. said...

Hi WC! Yeah new toy, which I'm still figuring out how to use properly..
As for the soup, you know, if I were blindfolded I would taste the slight earthiness of the squid ink but it wasn't overly powerful surprisingly. In fact, this particular I almost wished there were more flavor. Still nothing I would crave but maybe I need to give it some time. Hope you're doing well!