Saturday, February 19, 2011

Quick Tsukiji Visit

My requisite visit to Tsukiji when visiting Tokyo. The fact that it was New Year's Eve didn't help at all where probably a good 3/4 of the Jogai Shijo (outer market) shops were closed. :(

Pacing myself for a day of food grazing can be tricky (I'd be visiting Ivan Ramen later the evening), but I figured I could swallow up some fresh kaisen donburi quickly and easily. I forget which shop I eventually entered but there are quite a few of these, I'm sure some with better deals than others but all pretty much guaranteed to serve up superbly fresh seafood.

Got the San-shoku-don (三色丼) or three-color donburi which came with Negi Toro, Uni and Ikura. I enjoyed the Ikura the most since it's hard to come by salmon roe this fresh, the taut springy way they burst in your mouth and flavors vibrant.

The Uni was great too but I'm spoiled with amazing sea urchin here in San Diego. Negi toro also very good. (I'm such a nerd for having to document the before and after soy sauce application of my meals, haha.) Both the fine shredded kinshi and block tamago were very nice as well and the bowl garnished with some pickles and freshly grated hon-wasabi.

My omiyage to take back home was this dashimaki tamago. Had a reserved sweetness but a lot of great dashi flavor.

There's a lot of great non-seafood meals to be had in Tsukiji. Tiny shops specializing in Curry Rice, Ramen, Udon, Oyakodon, Unagi.. Almost all required to be good for the discerning Tsukiji workers, while other shops like where I purchased my tamago makes the market a one stop shop for sushi needs. A few more photos.

Darn, delivery soba sounds really nice right now...


K and S said...

we love visiting Tsukiji, they have so many little shops and all are pretty good for seafood :)

caninecologne said...

hi dennis - cute dog. looks like hachi!

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Dennis K. said...

Hi Kat, yeah too bad most were closed my visit. I was actually surprised to see that many open NYE.

Hi CC yeah cute dog! I think that's a Shiba which has similarities to an Akita (which is Hachiko if I remember right). Always been a cat person myself but wouldn't mind owning a Shiba..