Sunday, February 27, 2011

Random Airport Food - Chicago And Dallas Fort Worth

But first, Josh Ozersky talks about LaGuardia Airport's LaFrieda Burger on Ozersky TV.

LaGuardia's Super-Powered Food Court: LaFrieda Burgers from Ozersky.TV on Vimeo.

Super jealous. I personally feel I don't want to spend much time and money in our nation's airport food courts but only because they're mostly lame. The experience at the airport food court should be seamlessly part of one's entire travel experience like at the new Haneda International Terminal.

I had to literally hunt down a hot dog place in Chicago Midway. I could sense having a slice of deep dish or a juicy Italian beef sandwich would be pushing my luck. Passed the Chili's, the Burger King, McDonald's (of course), random bars, kiosk's with unappetizing veggie wraps and refrigerated sushi rolls. I also unfortunately heard the airport's Superdawg had been closed for some time now.

This is actually my second time visiting a Gold Coast Dogs. Had one before at Midway but could've been at a different wing. What we see here was either a Char Polish Dog or a Char Bratwurst ($4.49). I took close to twenty pictures of my meal. Must have been really bored.

Dickey's Barbecue Pit at Dallas Fort Worth was also from what I remember the only locally inspired chain. Fortunately wasn't too far from my gate (but I had close to an hour and a half to kill anyway). The meal was OK if on the high side (but when is it not?). I at least got to have some smoked Texas BBQ even if from a huge franchise.

I think I chose sausage and brisket. It was drowned in a sweeter tangy sauce which in hind site should've asked for on the side. The coleslaw was surprisingly good. I'm not too picky about Mac-n-Cheese. For all practical purposes a success.

BTW I noticed we have a Nathan's Famous in Lindbergh Field. I can't remember which terminal. Maybe the commuter.

Not complaining, I happen to like Nathan's.. But at LAX' Bradley International last I've seen a Pink's outpost.

Very good for them. My very mild rant for the weekend.


K and S said...

I like some foods that can be found at the airport, just don't know why you have to pay an arm and leg for it.

kaszeta said...

Yeah, Airport dining is it's own genre.

I've got my favorites. Both Chicago airports have done me well in the past (you can read my writeup here). Gold Coast is a frequent stop of mine passing through MDW, although I'm just as likely to get a Hot Italian Beef sandwich as a char dog from them. They are also, oddly, and somewhat sadly, my regular source of Vienna giardinera and sport peppers, since neither of those can be obtained easily in the markets here in New England.

O'hare also has some good chicago dogs, but you have to be careful, C terminal is much better than B terminal. For about 3 years, I'd regularly pass through ORD, and getting a hot dog from the lady by gate C27 was part of the experience, she always very meticulously assembled the dogs, including carefully lining up the peppers to perfectly match the length of the dog (alas, it's been two years since I've been through ORD, she's probably not there now)

Other places I like:

1. Silver Diner in BWI
2. Milltowne Grille in MHT
3. Burger Joint in SFO
4. The sushi place in the McNamara Terminal in DTW.

And a special (negative) shout out for Todd English's Bonfire at BOS, who never can get the idea that efficient service is important at airports. Slow service + airport is asking for trouble, and they've twice nearly made me late for a flight.

Dennis K. said...

Hi K&S, know what you mean. I'd be more willing to pay if it were locally inspired though. Like the souvenir coffee mug and sweatshirt equivalent to food. All you see is See's chocolate (no pun intended).

Whoa, thanks for the super useful info Kaszeta! I hope you have a label tab for this on your blog for everyone??
I didn't know Gold Coast had Hot Italian Beef. I guess I was laser focused on getting that Chicago dog, haha. Too bad I didn't know about the sushi place in DTW back when we used to travel more. I would've been pretty happy with just a Coney Dog cart though! :)

kaszeta said...

Interestingly, I never seem to have written up Gold Coast. I should, I only have 7 different pictures of their food on my flickr feed...

kaszeta said...

Oh, and

Dennis K. said...

Thanks for the link Kaszeta! And yes, I'd love to read a post of yours on Gold Coast!