Thursday, February 17, 2011

Santouka's Limited Time TanTan Men

Rained the night before but was relatively precipitation free if not cloudy during most of the day. Got even lucky with some moderate light today my quick meal at SD Mitsuwa's food court.

The sale is on. Saw many kitchen appliances discounted by the entrance. Maybe I can finally afford my wish of having a tiny rice cooker serve as an alarm clock next to my bed.. ;) Anyway got to try Santouka's limited time TanTan Men ($8.99). This is Japanese style TanTan Men that is less spicy, thinned out with more soup and thus more ramen like. Rumor has it that Chin Kenmin (father of Japanese Sichuan cuisine but also father of Iron Chef Chin Kenichi) had created JTT to suit Japanese tastes.

This version would be further Santouka-fied and familiar if a regular. Seemed pivoted around their Spicy Miso with a generous increase of Ground Sesame flavor. I found I enjoyed it best when the topped minced meats and Zha Cai pickles were all mixed in together. Then near the end I would dump what was left of my natto rice side to finish the thicker spicy nutty soup. Mmm.

I personally preferred if it were even spicier (and with a large dollop of Taberu Raayu), but probably had enough heat for most. I thought the limited time creation worked fairly well and it was a nice change as they usually are. Santouka's TanTan Men is available at all locations while the sale goes on until Sunday. Then will restart again next Thursday~Sunday. I'll be back if not for another bowl, to check if Kayaba is offering anything special.. ;)

Santouka Ramen, 4240 Kearny Mesa Rd (Mitsuwa Market Food Court), San Diego, CA 92111


K and S said...

looks great!

caninecologne said...

hi dennis - i must try this! plus i love going to mitsuwa. need any excuse to go there! heheh.

Dennis K. said...

Hi Kat, wasn't bad! :) Will have to bring my bottle of raayu with me next time.

Hi CC, I eat here so often anything new is always a nice change. I want the tiny rice cooker that looks like a boombox haha.

edjusted said...

Wait, you had zha chai?!? Wow, what the heck. I just wrote up a quickie review. I'm staring at your picture and thinking my ramen was...incomplete? Mine had basically just minced pork and onions. Shrug. Oh well. I thought it was decent.

Dennis K. said...

Hi Ed! The zha cai didn't have much flavorful and I almost missed it myself. I thought it was decent too. Much more successful than Santouka Torrance's kimchi ramen.