Sunday, February 13, 2011

Santouka's TanTan Men @ Mitsuwa's Anni Sale And Other Sunday Ramblings

Saturday, friends and I tried to catch the Navy centennial celebration but traffic turned out waaaaay crazy and we gave up. Did manage to see a few cool vintage planes fly by but ended up at Influx Cafe (Golden Hills) for a relaxing meal and coffee instead.

I know. This doesn't happen often but I got a salad. Dude I freak'n love Arugula.

The only other salad that would top it is if someone came up with a Cilantro Salad. Dude I freak'n love Cilantro.
Dinner later that night was at same friends'. It was Okonomiyaki night. Was great and had with copious amounts of cold beeru in ice chilled mugs.

Mitsuwa sure has a lot of Anniversary sales. But usually means there might be something different in the food court to try which is at least for me the part I look forward to. Since there were no details online I finally dropped by the market last night to pick up one of the flyers.

Santouka Ramen (all locations) will be offering a Japanese-style TanTan Men limited to 30 servings per day (read about it here). Looks nice and spicy. :) At least in San Diego it's been almost two years since SD Santouka offered anything special (last here and here). Starts this Thursday for a week and a half (2/17 ~ 2/27/2011). [Oops correction, Thursday ~ Sunday only, for the next two weeks..] Please grab one of the flyers by the cashiers for more info.

I've been out of phase with burgers lately but after reading Kirk, Cathy and Ed's recent Burger Week posts on mmm-yoso I've been craving them again. Sharing this slight older vid of good ol' George Motz talking about hamburgers.

Man he's sure got an awesome set of side burn chops. Anyhoo really liked the idea of adding thinly sliced onions to the smashed burger patty. Hope you had a nice weekend guys... :)


K and S said...

tan tan men, yum!

KirkK said...

Thanks for the mention Dennis! I'd love to watch you tackle that 3 pound burger! ;o)

Junichi said...

If you took Silver Strand from IB to Coronado, there was hardly any traffic. Inside Coronado was really mellow. Ample street parking. Ate Super Cocina for the 1st time afterwards. The carnitas and mole was so good.

Dennis K. said...

Hi Kat! Yeah should be good.. :)

Hi Kirk, you know I actually imagined it and think I can do it as long as it's the burger only (no fries and stuff..).(!)

Hi Junichi, you know that was our plan but when we got down to IB on the 5, the off ramp was totally backed up.. oh well. Yeah SC is good. It totally makes me want to take a long nap afterward though, haha. ;)

Dennis K. said...
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