Sunday, February 20, 2011

Sunday Random Supreme

I don't think I've felt this backlogged in posts ever. So trying to put the rainy weather to good use and attempting to catch up with what I've been eating the last month and a half in one fell swoop. Warning here that this post is rather long, but I tried to keep my usual ramblings to a minimum so hopefully the photos will keep most interested. Anyhow it was kinda nice to put the rest of my JPN vacay photos on short hold.

DANG, has it really been four weeks since I hung out with the Kirk in Chula Vista?

Kirk was nice to invite me on a small CV tour a few Saturdays back. I go to National City and have friends in Logan Heights but it made me realize I hardly ever go down to CV, at least to eat anyway. The fish tacos at Mariscos El Pescador ($1.25 each) were fantastic, and it was fun participating in one of his "Eating on the hood of your car" moments. :) The fish tacos were somewhat similar to El Zarape's (original Park Blvd location) but were actually better with the cabbage shredded much finer and better condiments. That pink Thousand Island "Looking" sauce Was really good Kirk!

Heard the spicy fish soup could fluctuate but was very nice this day. And since the little taster is free, would be hard to complain anyway. Look out for them in the Toy's R Us parking lot off Industrial Blvd. We visited other spots after but saving those to share on another post.

Mariscos El Pescador (Taco Truck), 1008 Industrial Blvd, Chula Vista, CA 91911

No line at Costco food court? That's because it was 8:15AM (long story).

Costco hot dog for breakfast. And yes, it's pretty difficult to photograph a dog without any phallic innuendos. So let's be grown ups and go on shall we. ;)

Super Bowl weekend I turned my television off and headed to Que Huong. The $4.60 lunch special's portion was smaller than depicted on the menu but for under five bucks with soup, I thought it was still a decent deal.

I hope some peeps got to try some of their tasty Vietnamese wings for a party. I think these would be a great change from Buffalo wings. The fish sauce flavor is still my favorite next to the sweet Tamarind.

Que Huong, 4134 University Ave, San Diego, CA 92105

I'm planning to start up Stand Up Paddle Surfing again as soon as it gets a bit warmer.

La Jolla Shores end of January. Water's a bit too cold and I don't own a winter wetsuit. (Though I've seen some guys surfing this day with shorts!)

A few more meals at Noodle's & Company (UTC). I think i had the "Trio" value meal again. Main with a choice of protein and a soup/salad side for ~$8 if I remember right.

The Marinara sauce with my pasta was spicy and nice. The flavor of the meatballs were fine but had a very strange spongy texture. The Chicken Noodle Soup was very good.

Their fried dumplings I wouldn't order again. I did like the chicken sandwich. Somebody recommended the Stroganoff and Mac-n-cheese. Might get those next time.

Noodles & Company, 4545 La Jolla Village Dr, San Diego, CA 92122

There's going to eventually be a ton of junk food posts coming up, and quite a few retort pack curries (レトルトカレー) when I get the time.

What I can share today is that this limited time Nissin's Yakisoba U.F.O. with MOS' Teriyaki Burger flavor was absolutely horrible, haha. So much so I'm not going to even bother sharing the pics I took the time to document. And I thought I had a high tolerance for junk flavor.

More random photos around town...

And what am I doing at Fiori Liquor on a weekend night before Valentine's? Hey, don't be judgmental! ;) Picking up some brewskies to take up to friends of course.

Fiori's, 3981 Eagle St, San Diego, CA, 92101

I thought this shot at a car wash was pretty cool. Looks like a soap sud explosion. This was near Pho Point Loma. It might be time to give them another try. My first visit was pretty weak but it was also right near opening so.

The Noble Chef is one of those places I visit actually often but never get around posting on it for one reason or another. At least for my taste I find their menu very hit and miss. The one time I did mention them was on my very first SD Mapo Doufu findings post back in 2008.

At least around where I work they're the closest place I can get freshly wok'd fried rice. This one is with sweet Chinese sausage. Yum.

I've got an extensive cache of meal photos from here, some good others not exactly agreeing to my palate. Below may look like Spam but it's the Turnip Cake with Eggs dish which is also good and cheap for $5. Great with that sweet soy sauce. You'll definitely have leftovers. Best to share.

I've learned to completely avoid any soups or soup noodle dishes from TNC. I find them much too bland. But I see many seeming regulars order them up so I figured it was just me. The Pan Fried Noodles with XO sauce I had one night before heading back to work was pretty good. I chose egg noodles and also opted for chicken instead of the shrimp that's usually paired with.

Man these noodles were super crunchy, but I enjoyed it and the dish had a nice flavor.

The Noble Chef, 6159 Balboa Ave, San Diego, CA 92117

Speaking of quick dinners and heading back to put in a few more hours of work, Santouka Ramen in SD Mitsuwa's food court is another regularly visited spot of mine.

I always liked this photo in the dark corner facing the cork board. One of those pretend Tokyo salary man moments that I like to believe help build one's character, haha. I'm going to one day do a dedicated post on the place. But as with my crazy stash of meals at the Ikea Restaurant it's going to be a daunting task. Anyhow they're serving up a limited time TanTan Men at the moment.

There's a new fish place off Garnet in Pacific Beach. I think it was called the Pacific Beach Fish Shop. One more Fish-n-Chips photo to add to my collection.

The beer batter had a nice flavor but the ratio of it to fish was off. Had too much batter but the fish (I think it was cod) was fresh. The fries with the skin left on was pretty good. I didn't care too much for the chowder (I got the house with additional andouille sausage) which was thick and had too much filler for me. Anyone try the sandwiches here?

The Shepherd's Pie at Fibonacci's was not only adorable looking but also delicious! Had some great ground lamb flavor in the filling and was terrific. Find out more about them here.

Love their greasy Water's Burger too.

Bowls from Marukai/Daiso for my soon tasting of tsukemen from Ganja.

I think these will work well. The wider black for the noodles and smaller white for the soup. $1.99 each.

But the coup de gras of curry plate nerdiness would be from my CoCo Ichibanya gift set below. Comes with four of their retort curries and even a CoCo-Ichi spoon.

I'm in Japanese curry nerd heaven.

This snack from a famous Ikameshi (squid stuffed with rice) brand was stinky! The "1.5X Squid Powder" label should've been my warning.. :P Anyway I couldn't finish it.

McDonald's Big Breakfast meals now have clear lids to show your not very big breakfast inside.

At Burger King I didn't quite share the same enthusiasm of Dave (of Dave's Cupboard) for the stuffed steakhouse but it was fun to try. (Love your blog Dave!)

I enjoy BK onion rings when they're hot out of the frier but these had been sitting and were a bit tough. Made for a nice picture though.

Yeah, I bit another bullet and got a new camera for my last trip. I'm very particular when/where I use it for food though. I try not to use it when I'm surrounded around people or if the particular restaurant folks make me feel self conscious. For the most part the S90 is still my workhorse while I enjoy using my iPhone on many occasions, sometimes even preferring it depending on the look I want.

And just to make further sure that my readers don't mistake me as a gourmet..

The Radiused Corner Blog. Having der fun since '08. :)


K and S said...

nice variety :) think I'm having curry for dinner tonight.

KirkK said...

I'm glad you enjoyed those fish tacos..... in fact, I'm craving some right now!

caninecologne said...

hi dennis - whew! what a post! the beef stroganoff at noodles is pretty good! :)

next time you plan to go down to CV, let me know. we can do a crawl of the south bayplaces (otay mesa and ib included).

OkiHwn said...

The fried rice and turnip cake/egg at - real good looking comfort food!

Mary said...

I should not read your blog when I am hungry. I am now hungrier. Always love your pictures!

Dennis K. said...

Hi Kat, curry for dinner can never be a bad idea, ever! ;)

Hi Kirk, thanks again! I'm planning to meet up with CC very soon!

Hi CC, aw I've done way longer posts, haha. I kinda wish we'd get more rain, I seem to get more stuff done. I'm totally on with the crawl! I'll email you soon. :)

Hi Nate! I can almost finish the turnip cake/egg dish, it's a lot for one but it's great.

Hi Mary, thanks! Funny thing is as much as I tend to ramble, the writing part is my least favorite part about blogging. Anyway, thanks again. :)

Carol said...

What a way to catch up! After all that, I'm not sure which of those items I'm craving more for. Darn, I must have missed those bowls at Marukai this past weekend. I got some nice soup bowls but wish I saw the wider bowls for noodles. I'll have to take a quick trip back. :)

Dennis K. said...

Hi Carol! I meant to say this was all the loose ends stuff. Working on another Sakura Lunch post. I know you were the few that seemed to enjoy those.. The $1.99 portion of Marukai is definitely a hunt. ;)

Oops sorry Ed, deleted your comment by mistake. My stubby fingers and my iPhone...

Ed:When did Mickey D's start having transparent lids? And aren't there supposed to be pancakes? (I actually like their pancakes and hash browns.)

I think that's the Deluxe Big Breakfast with the hot cakes. Ironically often cheaper. Anyhow I actually liked the yellow lids better. They were cuter.