Friday, March 25, 2011

Fast Food Friday - A&W In Okinawa

Truth be told I've been eating nothing but salads ever since I returned from Nashville. And I'm not really trying to diet, I've been craving fresh vegetables and lean meats all week. I even had two whole tomatoes as snacks today with just a dash of salt. Ate them like apples and made my mouth water. My body is telling me something.

Good time to upload more food photos from my trip last winter to me motherland. While there are McD's and KFC's galore in Japan, other U.S. based fast food chains are more rare like BK and Wendy's (both which pulled out at one point but have returned recently). A&W is the rarest of them all and only exists in Okinawa as far as I know.

The fries at A&W Okinawa are a little trick. Called "Super Fries" (スーパーフライ), I've been eating them forever and it seems all I cared to share this day, haha. (I probably had a proper meal elsewhere not so long before.)

As the direct antithesis of fresh cut fries, the Super Fries are a somewhat strange but totally tasty in its own man-made fried potato product kinda way. The extra long starch sticks seem to be made by extruding a doughy concoction through a square die. They are then twice fried and come out crispy outer, puffy inner. Totally potatolicious. I could see Ore Ida having something similar in their line up but unlike the MOS Burger it's not like I've been actively seeking a replacement here per se.

As for the rest of the menu I wouldn't hedge on any true American experiences. The "Coney Dog" (コーニードッグ) with generic meat chili is rather unremarkable and so are any of the burgers (IMHO). The Pork-Katsu Sandwich (ポークカツサンド) is worth a try if in the mood for something simple and tasty. But if you are ever here you may as well go for the local only menu. Rice bento meals have been marketed since December last year - loco moco's, taco rice.. Would've been interesting blog content but I never made it back to another A&W the short week trip it was.


caninecologne said...

cute "Morning Magic" commercial! is that SPAM?

is the proliferance of U.S. based chains in okinawa due to the U.S. military presence there?

interesting to see loco moco's in japan too.

Dennis K. said...

Hi CC, yup a spam-ilicious looking breakfast. There are other Okinawa only businesses like Foremost Dairy and even Bireley's soda so I believe so. You can find loco mocos in many cafes now but it's usually coupled with the more fillerized Japanese hambaagu patty.

OkiHwn said...

Interesting the bentos. Started after I left. My mansion was right next to an A&W. Would have been nice.

K and S said...

loved having root beer when I visited Okinawa's A&W, root beer is hard to find unless you go to an import market.

Shon T said...

I was in Okinawa in the 80s and I remember the A&Ws had fake fries. There was an extruder over the fryer and they would pull a lever that would extrude batter into the shape of fries and they would drop into the oil. The consensus was some people loved them and some hated them. I didn't like them as much as real fries but that's what I'm used to. I've never seen fries like that any where since. I'd like to try them again someday.