Friday, March 4, 2011

Fast Food Fridays - Shamrock Shake

Kiss Me, I'm Part Irish! Haha. I know this is probably the quad-zillionth post out there on the limited time Shamrock Shake at Mickey D's but here goes mine.

And just in time to try the watered down version according to Ridiculous Food Society of Upstate New York and a Serious Eats article from last year. The current iteration is supposedly less minty and the newer whip cream and cherry garnish a distraction.

What did I think? It was better than I thought. Nothing I'd crave again, but this is coming from a person that aside from Mojito's and Doublemint Gum, never really cared for sweet minty flavors. So I wouldn't be upset if they reformulated it back to satisfy the Shamrock Shake purists since I'd probably be sticking to Wendy's Chocolate Frosty anyway.

The crisp salty fries were good as always and the cheeseburger was actually hot.. Maybe got lucky this lunch hour after all? ;)

To find a participating McD's offering the Shamrock Shake near you, try


Darlene said...

It's the official name called McCafe Shamrock shake so it goes along with the rest of their shake line? Frankly I miss the paper cups they used to be served in so I can hide my shame behind an opaque cup. But they were good! I couldn't tell the difference between previous incarnations.

Dennis K. said...

Hey Darlene, how's it going!? I'm glad to know I had a decent rendition then. :) There was more of the mint syrup on the bottom of the cup. I'm guessing the complaints from fans may be that the the mint and vanilla flavors are marbled and not mixed well? Yeah, I miss the wax cups too!

caninecologne said...

hi dennis - nice photo of the burger on your finger!

omfg, THE SHAMROCK SHAKE! i've never had one actually. i know they're only there for a limited time right?

word ver:


as in "I mast show you my etchings"

heh heh

Dennis K. said...

Hi CC! I'm guessing till St. Patrick's day. I was just curious to try it since I heard there were a lot of fans. Having a McRib and Shamrock Shake Together. Now that's something, haha. ;)

Marie said...

I've never had a Shamrock Shake. Each year, I think, oh I should try one. Maybe 2011 is the one I actually do it? Thanks for the reminder. :)