Thursday, March 10, 2011

Furoshiki - The Original Japanese Eco-Bag, Part Two

My first Furoshiki bit shared back in 2008 here. Gosh I hate re-reading old posts, the writing feels so tortured, blech. :P Anyway for part two, videos from youtube channel Machilogmovie. Yay.

All starts as a large square piece of fabric, the furoshiki. The basic wrapping technique for gifts, books, your lunch box..

A more snug version with a nifty handle. Perfect to take that chilled six pack over to friends.

If you had a large enough furoshiki, this method lets you carry a watermelon (or bowling ball to your next tournament in style!)..

And my favorite wrapping of a bottle..

Larger objects = larger furoshikis.



K and S said...

love furoshiki, I think I have way too many!!

caninecologne said...

hi dennis - so cool and cute! i like the water bottle one!

Dennis K. said...

That's awesome Kat! I have one of the classic green/white karakusa pattern.

Hi CC! I think it'd be way cool to bring a bottle of wine to a party that way.

Jeff said...

Hope your family is all okay

Dennis K. said...

Thanks Jeff, I spoke with them yesterday and they're all ok. My heart and prayers go out to everyone affected there. The images of the tsunami were horrific.