Tuesday, March 22, 2011

I ♥ Nashville - Kleer-Vu Lunchroom

Gray skied and a bit chilly, visiting Kleer-Vu Lunchroom in Murfreesboro for a warm home cooked meal couldn't have sounded more perfect this day. Kleer-Vu, pronounced Clear View, I unfortunately couldn't get to the bottom of the naming.

Some light googling, the only thing came up (aside from the restaurant of course) were these line of photo albums on Amazon. The several generation owned and run place that it is, you can say it packs at least as much history for families as the clear mylar albums. :)

KV was another place I found out about from the one and only Mr. Kaszeta of Offbeat Eats - The food-related ramblings from an oft-traveled engineer. To be really honest, it was my first time hearing the concept of a Meat and Three.

Stand in line with your tray, choose a meat, then three sides (usually vegetables). No strict rules though where you could do a Meat and Two, or as I observed one plus-sized patron do a Meat and Nine.(!)

My choices were the Baked Chicken (pulled pork was a good choice but was personally bbq'd out), Turnip Greens, Mac and Cheese and Cornbread (these were Hot Water Cornbread).

At this particular moment in time, I could very well have been the happiest man on earf.
And as I'm sometimes all about the intangibles, the trays labeled Decherd Elementary School didn't go unnoticed and were totally adorable.

The turnip greens were wonderful. A bitter green that I couldn't stop forking into. Must have been all the pork fat. The Mac and Cheese was actually lighter and milky. Totally reminded me of SD Chicken Pie Shop's. Nothing quadruple cheese whole cream fancy, this is Macaroni and Cheese meant to be eaten everyday. The chicken had a nice lemony accent that went deep into the meat and was terrifically tender, pretty much fell apart as I dug into it.

"You flew 2000 miles to come here, you might as well have some dessert??"

Haha, so true. But I did have a bite of the cherry cobbler and it was full of luscious baked cherry flavor (with even guiltier butter rich crust).

The place did in some way make me feel like I was back in elementary school. I'm sure I never ate this well back then of course. I ♥ Kleer-Vu!

Kleer-Vu Lunchroom, 226 S Highland Ave Murfreesboro, TN 37130


K and S said...

comfort food :)

Carol said...

Oh that mac-n-cheese looks perfect on a day like today.

kaszeta said...

Yeah, "Meat and Three" is the hallmark of the classic Southern lunch.

Glad you enjoyed Kleer-Vu, I think I'm still batting 1000 on my recommendations to you...

Sawyer said...

wow...i try to start a resolution to eat less meat then i take a look at your blog and start salivating....sorry dennis, but i'm going to have to remove you from the blog roll...and everyone else on my list.

haha jk =) def. jealous you're getting to get some good eats...i would love to take an east coast food trip some day....

and shame on you for not posting a picture of cherry cobbler. looks like you've been eating quite well

caninecologne said...

i've read about meat and threes in my "500 things to eat before it's too late". good stuff you had there! ha ha, meat and nine!!!!!

Dennis K. said...

Hi Kat, good stuff.. :)

Hi Carol, I know what you mean!

Hi Kaszeta, thanks again for the rec!

Hi Sawyer, no joke, I've been eating salads lunch and dinner since I returned! Yeah, I try not to take photos of other people's food anymore.. haha.

Hi CC, I thought the person was dining with a friend but she was alone! And the vegetables here are not vegetarian friendly, he he.