Saturday, March 19, 2011

I ♥ Nashville - Slick Pig BBQ

Another city to add to my "I ♥.." series - Nashville, TN!

The Slick Pig is technically in Murfreesboro but after flying 2000 miles from San Diego I'm not going to nitpick about an extra thirty in my rental..

The place was one of the suggestions given by Rich Kaszeta of Offbeat Eats when I asked about places to check 'off the beaten path' during my short two-day business trip that happened beginning of last week. Thanks Kaszeta, you rock!

It's fairly spacious inside with many competition trophies aligning the windows. Most everything offered were recommended by the locals I've spoken to but one thing I knew not to miss was their Smoked Wings.

These were heavenly chicken wings deeply penetrated with smoke where the tender skin and meats separated off the bones when given a little tug. I found the smoke at first surprisingly strong but after devouring a couple pieces they turn out completely addicting. A feat surely never to be accomplished with the gnarly liquid shortcut stuff. I have a feeling I won't be having a close facsimile of these again anytime soon.

Fantastic appetizers, time for the main.. :) I ended up with some ribs and two-sides plate.

When asked, I'm pretty sure the lady at the register said these were baby backs but the folks at the venerable barbecue blog mentioned spares. I've had much bigger spares and much smaller baby backs so was hard for me to say the non ribs expert that I am. In either case they were untrimmed where you get the nice knobby tasty ends.

I've watched enough television BBQ competitions to know if the bone literally fell off, it'd be considered overcooked. Again, I wouldn't be the one to argue but the thicker smokey bark of these ribs contrasting with the moist, tender and flavorful inner were nothing short of lip smacking delicious. The sauce was a sweeter mild spicy.

Sweet baked beans and the mac-n-cheese were definitely yummy. The cornbread was jonnycake style.

Ok, so I had some leftovers in my hotel room later for dinner..

Certainly nothing to complain about either. ;)

Slick Pig BBQ, 1920 East Main St, Murfreesboro, TN 37130


K and S said...

I heart BBQ that looks fantastic :)

caninecologne said...

awesome rib slab!!!!! those were some great leftovers!

Dennis K. said...

Hi Kat, they were pretty tasty!

Hi CC, I think I'm having salads all next week.