Saturday, March 26, 2011

Teishoku Marunaka - Another Shokudo

Sharing a meal at another humble Japanese diner Shokudo for anyone interested. My purely personal revisits through memory lane. Oo-la-laa...

I'll try not to make it too sappy but while it was sad to see the once bustling hang out area of my ill-decision ridden youth, Gate-2 Street a few blocks over didn't seem too far behind.

And while I was about to say the same for Teishoku Marunaka seeing better times, actually thinking back they've always been rather rundown looking and full of charm as long as I can remember, haha.

It wasn't until I turned my teens and worked jobs that I'd be able to afford eating at Marunaka. Before then I'd be the kid on his BMX staring dreamy eyed at the slipper sized wax katsu behind the glass display case.

One particular summer working rounds as a helper for a soda bottling distributor (I can swiftly refill vending machines like nobody's business), a driver had a liking for the place and we'd often stop by for lunch.

Like most Shokudo's, popular meal sets are named alphabetically and here the good deal Tonkatsu Teishoku B is where it's at. But since I wasn't that snotty kid saving up for a component stereo any longer I went for the semi-baller 'A' with the sashimi side upgrade.

The pork katsu is typical Okinawan shokudo style, thin and on the lean side but perfectly crispy while still tender inside. The unique sauce here carries a following and resembles more a Yakiniku-dare than the usual Ikari/Bulldog Chunou.

Some rice, dark miso soup, pickles and vinegared seaweed mozuku-su with kurage jelly fish. A very balanced nutritious lunch meal equally delicious for your sunburnt construction worker or on this day a pasty overly sentimental food blogger. I was glad to see the place doing well. :)

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Kim said...

I first ate here in 1990. I left Okinawa in 1994, but went back to visit family in 2010. This was the first place we ate. It still has some of the best Tonkatsu there is, and it is full of charm. Thanks for posting. I'm heading back to Okinawa in 3 months and I'll surely dine there again.