Saturday, April 30, 2011

Few Visits To Parsian International Market & Grill

Sharing again a few more meals on my sometimes magic carpet transport called the Radiused Corner, the blog I enjoy keeping personal. My rambling thoughts and OCD inspirited photos arrive today at Parsian International Market & Grill off Convoy Street along with a mischievous monkey friend perched on top of my hat.

While I had many great meals at Balboa International Market I sometimes enjoy the more mom and pop intimate atmosphere of PIM&G, especially along with one of their home cooked stews.

Here we have the #7 Eggplant Stew with loads of Basmati Rice and salad for $6.99.

The large strips of roasty baked eggplant were delicious in the rich tomato base along with sauteed onions and tender sirloin strips.

And when I think of Persian cuisine I now can't help but immediately think of the Tahdig (pronounced - Tadeeg). This day's a bit thicker and not as buttery as BIM's but I find any crusty rice fragment preciously taken from the bottom of pots hard to criticize.

The Hummus at Parsian Market is as thick as peanut butter. Poke it with any of your metal utensils and it will remain standing upright. Yummus. ($2.99)

The flavors are also that much condensed and rich. I was inspired in creating a sort of savory PB&J with my leftovers and some sweet caramelized onions, but that's another post.

The Kabobs are very nice here as well.

Here's a standard #3 Chicken & Beef Kabob combo ($10.99, hummus not included).

Large pieces of chicken breast lightly marinated with saffron and lemon that were flame grilled just moist and tender in the center. The garlic and tumeric spiced flavorful ground beef Koobideh my favorite almost anywhere.

Warm Basmati Rice, melting butter and a sprinkle of sumac. Why is it I feel I've known you forever...?

I was tempted one day with the Cutlet Sandwich ($4.99).

The mixture of the fried cutlets were more potato-ey than beefy but they had a nice spice blend flavor to it and the combination with cool crisp veggies (tomato, iceberg lettuce, onions) and pickles all wrapped in a fresh Lavash bread was quite nice and also felt actually healthy.

I had their Fesenjoon Walnut Stew ($7.99) for dinner one evening near closing time (8PM) and was packed for me to-go.

So unfortunately there's not much to look at...

But the thick walnut stew unearthed has a sweet aftertaste of pomegranate sauce and is very pleasantly yummy. I definitely had enough rice with it... sheez, haha. ;)

Though completely opposite in nature it actually reminded me a lot of the Filipino Dinuguan blood stew. But the dark rich texture here would obviously be made with friendly pulverized walnuts. Still the dish isn't quite vegetarian with large tender chicken strips and is nicely hearty and satisfying.

I forgot the price of the Lamb Kabob but it was up there with the Filet Mignon (~$12.99).

May look a little dry here but in fact was also very moist and tender.

For the price I'd probably be sticking to Balboa International for my lamb fix (or the Afghan Aria Kabob Cafe for their marinated lamb chops) but the stews and kabobs which I've yet to try all are definitely as wonderful here.

Last I tried one of their specials for the day for $6.99. The two ground beef Koobideh Kabob was offered without rice. Sounded like I'd have a better meat to carb ratio the day but totally failed.

The fresh wheaty and slightly sweet flat bread that it came with unfolded would be as big as a Persian soldier's shield and could've fed me four times over. Pliable at first and slowly becoming a nice crusty/crackly as it cooled.

Did wish I had also ordered some of that Eggplant Dip (Kashk-o-Bademjan) I've been taking notes on my now very dog-eared take home menu. At Parsian Market I know there'll always be a next time. :)

Green Almonds are in season and you can get them here. Read about a recipe from Cathy of Mmm-yoso using it in a dish here.

Parsian International Market & Grill, 4020 Convoy St, San Diego, California 92111


K and S said...

everything sounded so good! I don't think we have this in Osaka...

caninecologne said...

i like this place! haven't tried that walnut/pomegranate stew yet although i have a similar recipe for it. i like the beef kabobs here with their rice. i'll have to ask for that rice crust next time.

can you tell parsian market used to be a mcd's?

Dennis K. said...

Hi Kat! For me it's kinda simple good rustic heaven.. :)

Hi CC, I knew the building was a former fast food place but I couldn't figure what! The tahdig is much more flavorful at Balboa I.M. Still a few more items I haven't tried and want to here. I'm sure I'll be back sooner or later.

Mary said...

Walnut stew sounds incredibly interesting to me. I'm trying to imagine what it would taste like, but all I can think of is walnut butter, but stewy?

Dennis K. said...

Hi Mary! I never had walnut butter so not sure. But I've had creamy vegan soups made with pulverized cashews before and it was like it but more earthy walnut in flavor. Oh and also with that light sweet/tart pomegranate finish. Too bad my photos didn't look like anything, haha.