Friday, April 15, 2011

Major Food Pornage, New Ramen, The Amazing Tamago Index And More...

Made you look! Just kidding... I think this post is fairly entertaining if not mildly informational. Would categorize as random updates.

Anyway, so when I got an email from my revered hot dog sensei Hawk Krall that he wanted to use my Petco Stadium Sonoran Dog photo for this year's Serious Eats ball park hot dog slide show what would I say but, "No problem buddy!"
My only hesitation was that when the lady working the kiosk had asked me if I wanted grilled peppers on it (she also made the Italian Sausage Dogs on the same griddle) I guess at the time I thought it was a good idea. Was tasty but as for visual authenticity maybe a bad one. Actually a writer for MSN's had contacted me about them last year as well which I also agreed to and can be seen here.

While there may be around few hundred thousand In-N-Out Double-Double photos out on the interwebs there seems to be a catastrophic shortage of actual SD Petco Stadium Sonoran Hot Dog pics. At the moment I happen to humbly corner the market with my bastardized grilled paprika mess. But the seasoned expert HK would have it he would be more interested in the ones of the hilariously pornographic assembly process anyway.

A soft potato bun split then stuffed with a wiener wrapped in bacon and lubricated with some slippery mayonnaise all under some red lights. Things were further kinked kicked up with some green jalapeno salsa and beans.

Childish humor over, Neext... I discovered recently that a photo link to one of my older posts had died (I hate that) and so reposting since I always thought it was a good one.

Behold, the TAMAGO INDEX.

This was an insert I scanned from a Japanese lifestyle magazine back in 2006. I just love Tamago in any which way but especially sushi. Particularly a fan of the thicker block that are broken in half and rests on a bit of rice you see in higher end spots. Still have yet to try the darker spongy style resembling kastela cake but gosh darn it one of these days...

Got note from Edjusted of about the limited time vegetable Yasai Ramen of Santouka available only at the coming special sale at the Mitsuwa Torrance store. You're telling me I can have my luscious Asahikawa Tonkotsu and have my vegetables? I'm intrigued, please continue...

Hopefully this will be more successful than their past Kimchi Ramen which IMHO was a half baked disappointment for me. (I've enjoyed Kimchi Ramen in the past, this one just wasn't thought through well.) You can read about the recent also limited time offered TanTan Men here, the better winner Awase Aji Ramen here and the Toromi Shoyu Ramen here.

Also turns out Italian Tomato of Mitsuwa Torrance will be offering a Japanese Naporitan during the time. Who would've thunk they'd highlight one of my favorite quirky Japanese adaptation dishes. A spaghetti seasoned mainly with ketchup.

There's more to it where I think most would be surprised to find it more palatable than it sounds. Judging by the photo this looks like a pretty decent well pan-fried rendition. As the meister himself would say, "Perfect for the Shinbashi Salarymen, the type that won't splatter on your dress shirt before that next business meeting you'll need to attend..."

Daikichi Sushi is also offering a Poke-don with yummy Taberu Raayu. I say about time someone finally capitalized on the popularity of this deliciously chunky hot oil here. Taberu Raayu is more an ingredient than condiment - a sensation of eating rather than tasting a flavor, hence the name. The original Ganso being the Ishigaki-jima Raayu.

Ramen Mottainai supposedly now has a new menu item, a spicy Pirikara Tonkotsu Gyokai Tsukemen. Gotta go get me some of that fishy gyokai fix I've been craving!

Here in Tsukemen form where you'd be dipping thicker resilient noodles into a much more condensed soup as you would zaru soba. Knowing these guys I'd expect a proper one too. Maybe Mottainai is gearing up knowing that Nidaime Tsujita will be opening very soon in L.A. though the shop wouldn't be anywhere near Gardena. I haven't been following closely but I'm at ease knowing Ed will keep me in the loop and updated.

Ramen Mottainai, 1630 W Redondo Beach Blvd, Gardena, CA 90247

Meanwhile I also keep running into this ad browsing through free Japanese publications while waiting for my lunch.

Horon in Torrance has been offering a lunch only Chou Noukou (extra rich) Tonkotsu Ramen for a while that boasts being boiled for 20-hrs. Let's do this one weekend shall we, but is that a hard boiled egg I see in the picture?

Kushiage Dining Horon, 2143 182nd St, Torrance, CA 90504

I finally tried visiting the original Sab-E-Lee in Linda Vista on Monday only to find them closed, D'oh.

My visits to the second Sab-E-Lee in Santee can be read about here.

My post of the awesome SD South Bay crawl with San Diego uber blogger Canine Cologne will be coming shortly.

You can say an epic post for the epic day. It will test theoretical boundaries of's maximum allowed photos-per-post if there is such a thing. Warning: iPhones may crash.

Hope you all have a great weekend. TGIF! Seriously!!


K and S said...

datemaki, is way too sweet for the chart though!

kaszeta said...

I just love the phrase "Hot Dog Sensei".

caninecologne said...

hey dennis - this post went all over the place! i wish i could read japanese!!!! my daughter and i went to robata-ya oton yesterday. am so backed up with posts from last week. you know, vacation, and all. it was fun trying out new foods/new places. i found that i don't really like mizuna leaf (was in my veg bowl at robata-ya oton).

that tamago index is awesome! i never knew there were so many diff't kinds!

looking forward to the food crawl posts too!

word ver:

Dennis K. said...

Hi Kat, had datemaki, it's pretty sweet to have other than special occasions for me too. The Kastela-fuu Tamagoyaki is different, it's finished off almost like a frittata slow heat covered or in the oven. I'd love to devour a piece maybe as big as a lemon bar, haha. :)

Hi Kaszeta, are you back from your epic Austin trip??? You're my eating off the beaten path sensei btw...

Hi CC! You know me total scatter brain... I love Mizuna! I could imagine it being like Cilantro for some though, which I also love. Looking forward to your vacation eats!