Sunday, April 10, 2011

Sunday Ramblings - Cartsy Artsy Experiments

Wow, I can't believe it's been a week since Canine Cologne of Pink Candles at Ridgemont High had given me the epic tour of San Diego South Bay. And I hope only the first of many!? Hopefully many more can join during the next. :)

It's been taking me forever to format all of the photos (we stopped at at least 10 locations the day) not to mention organize all my thoughts about them. But the prolific blogger CC is, she's been sharing away and posted on many of the stops so far here, here, here, here, here, here, here, and here. I'm actually really glad so to have something to reference later since mine definitely wouldn't be as packed with detailed information maybe as much as I tried to take good notes.

Anyhow photo above would be a sneak peek at our final destination visit to Oasis Ice Cream Parlor. Mine to the left is the girly pink cantaloupe flavored and CC's the masculine blueberry, so go figure, haha. ;)

I sometimes get comments about how I eat out a lot. It's true but mostly only for lunch. To offset, my dinners are usually pretty frugal. Like how a few nights ago I had some almonds. Yup, just almonds. A more proper supper was my Nijiya $3.50 Udon that I posted about here. Recently was just the other night me randomly trying out some newish street tacos.

Um, I've also been experimenting getting back into drawing more which I'll explain in detail some other time maybe. I'm a bit rusty not to mention lying on the sofa while getting used to my cheapo Wacom tablet isn't the best scenario to show off my already horrid penmanship. (We do have the real stuff at work.) I also can't remember the last I drew a pig.

My immediate inspirees were Philadelphia based Hawk Krall and Kris Chau at Drawing For Food. If you don't know Hawk Krall, he's the guy that does all the amazing Hot Dog illustrations for Serious Eats' Hot Dog of the Week column. And his prints are all for sale.

Growing up I've also loved Matt Groening's Life Is Hell books. I own most of the series and love randomly going through them when I come across a copy organizing my bookshelves now and then. Of course I can't forget to mention R. Crumb and Pekar's American Splendor. Throw in some good ol' classic Japanese Anime Hayao Miyazaki, a dose of funky Tatsunoko Pro and a little dash of trippy Moebius, my doodles might start to have a little bit of context.

Anyway, my $1.50 TJ style tacos this night... I've written about this spot a while back when it was the Princesita Truck but supposedly they have moved back to the original Linda Vista location. Despite the "Dominic's Sausages" sign on the push cart here, they say it is run by related people to the princess. The condiments were all familiar including the all you want sauteed veggies.

The good, these are stuffed with meats to the brim in Princesita fashion. They also weren't under seasoned like I had some before. The so-so, the meats seemed a bit tired, especially the Cabeza which tasted to be waxy and extra fatty in texture. The smaller griddle didn't seem heated high enough to sear the tortillas optimally which was served a bit wet and a drag to keep together.

My conclusion - these tacos will do in desperation but don't go out of your way for them. Also these parts in the evenings and night do not have the friendliest looking clientele, so you'll probably end up eating your meal in the comfort confines of your automobile. If so bring extra napkins cause they'll be a handful even without all those free tasty condiments. The people in the Panaderia bread shop were awesomely nice and I may be back for some of those Mexican pastries. Oh, and this was my luxo $6 dinner for the night.

Taco Cart in Front of Panaderia Su Pan, 5006 El Cajon Blvd, San Diego, CA 92115


K and S said...

they look so good from here!

caninecologne said...

hey dennis - nice pic of our ice creams! looking forward to your posts and seeing your photos! you took so many!

can't wait to read about your take on those places - both food and otherwise.

by the way, you have nice penmanship!

word ver:

as in
Bartie Crouch Jr was evil in "Harry Potter Goblet of Fire

Carol said...

Love the penmenship addition and such cute piggies! You and CC will have to let me know next time you do a crawl so I can invite myself to tag along, heehee!

caninecologne said...

@carol - let me know next time. email me. also, i want to give you a 'coffee crisp'!

dennis - looking forward to your foodcrawl posts...

Dennis K. said...

Hi Kat! They could've been much better..

Hi CC! Yeah I did.. I was thinking of doing a single epic post but I'm going to have to divide them at least into two. My questions will be coming your way!

Hi Carol! Thanks, just messing around and trying new things. Will be sure to invite you next to the next crawl!

OkiHwn said...

Uchinanchu buta? Cute!

Dennis K. said...

Hi Nate, yeah they all followed me here... ;)