Friday, April 8, 2011

Taishu Shokudo Mickey - Talking 'Bout My G-G-Generation...

I'm sad to post on the final Shokudo from my last December Okinawa travel set. I really wish I had an endless supply to share. I have a particular soft spot for Shokudo's, a kind of an inexpensive Japanese diner/eatery. I always loved the way Shokudos are usually unadorned and all business, unlike some of the chrome clad milkshake visuals you'd get when thinking of American Diners maybe.

Despite the Tadao Ando-esque walls, Mickey has a particularly old school name of Taishu Shokudo (大衆食堂). I'm not sure if they were actually trying to be hip by sounding unhip back then. In either case I found this excellent article of the topic of Taishu Shokudos and loved one of their translations to "Neighborhood Cuisine." That sounds about right.

The late 80's, when the overhaul of the formerly seedy B.C. Street took place transforming into the trendy shopping street Chuo Park Avenue, the shops along the entire strip would be excited to finally target the then newer spending younger clientele. Most shopping activities now though have long moved on to the more recent developments such as Mihama.

Mickey overall seems to be doing well despite. In fact I've read on other local blogs that it continually tops the chart of favorite shokudo in the immediate area, Yay. And with the place plastered with celebrity autographs it's nice to know they're loved.

The chic concrete walls are now offset with some wooden DIY style shelving units with condiments and self service plastic water/tea jugs. This is due to the place currently being a one person operation and I would later find out I'd be taking my finished plates over to the basin area. We have these in San Diego too.

This actually was a very impromptu visit with an old time friend. The person without blinking an eye ordered the Pork Tamago (Spam and Eggs). Awesome. But they do have most anything here from stir-fry Champloo, to curry rice, Okinawa Soba and other hearty meal sets geared toward the middle class workforce.

I ended up getting a cheaper Nankotsu (cartilage) lunch plate. A nice brothy soup came with the one dish wonder (thanks Jenne!) of rice, some fine shredded cabbage, a delicious bright orange sunny side egg and braised nankotsu pieces. The connective tissue reduced to gelatin, the meats were extremely soft and seasoned on the sweet side.

My old favorite Kissaten haunt is only blocks away. I miss them already!


OkiHwn said...

Sad to hear that your Okinawa shokudo posts are ending!

Dennis K. said...

Me too Nate! I still have many more random stuff to share though.