Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Uno Momento - When In Doubt...

...In-N-Out. Not all my posts are ridiculously long, and no photo of a Styrofoam box this time either. Instead a bird eyeing my burger..

And the burger being eyed on. I had this experimental four-patty and single-cheese for the first. Might sound a bit strange but I always personally found their particular choice of processed American a bit overwhelming in all its lovely bright orange salty flavor.

I'd still be sticking to my slice of raw onion but maybe go back to my usual ketchup instead of sauce. It also did prove my one slice of cheese per two patties ratio was indeed golden to my particular taste buds. So a "4X2" would be my next order, with ketchup, nah extra sauce?? In any case this would all be fine tuning and it was still a delicious In-N-Out with the squishy buns grilled perfectly crusty on one side, extremely crisp fresh veggies, and the always awesome service.

In-N-Out Burger, 2910 Damon Ave, CA 92109


K and S said...

that burger looks huge but really good!

Mary said...

4x4. Whoa. I usually just get a single burger with regular onion. I find the grilled onions to be ... too much. Nice to see I'm not the only one!

Carol said...

Four patties! So would that be called a double double single?

caninecologne said...

whoa, a 4 x 2? I can't even finish a double double. okay scratch that. i can if i'm totally starved!

do you need lipitor now? :)

Dennis K. said...

Hi Kat! Actually I think three patties for me is the sweet spot. Four was a bit much.

Hi Mary! It's technically a 4X1 but yeah, next time a 3X1 or 3X2 for me. I like grilled onions once in a while but fresh is the way to go for me for an In-N-Out.. :)

Hi Carol! Yeah I think what read on my receipt was a #1 double-double, sing cheese with +patty +patty, if I remember right.

Hi CC! I'm weird in that sometimes I like doing two singles instead of a double double, depends on my mood. But that's what's always been great about In-N-Out!