Sunday, May 29, 2011

Dinner Yesterday

Give some love to The Concrete Project. Video via San Diego's truly

Great video Caleb!

Quickly posting dinner from last night at friends. That's me in the kettle reflection. I like it, makes me look thin.

Wow I can't believe my Lefty's Deep Dish post was a year ago to the month. Anyway dinner as usual involved a good amount of beeru. Mugs pre-chilled in the freezer. What great hosts.. ;)

Just a sampling since not all my photos turned out, but a Spinach Ohitashi..

Me pouring too much soy sauce on the Hiyayakko. Was delicious though. Tofu was from Meiji Tofu purchased from Nijiya. Great stuff.

I've never seen Snap Peas like this before but these were absolutely delicious raw. Had the texture of a pear and was sweet as corn.

The main Yakitori. Grilled indoors because outside would be too cold for adorable baby at the moment sleeping silently. Eringi mushrooms and asparagus also participating.

Was not a problem for the Viking and the new ventilation did wonders. I know people who built homes from the ground up in less time than it's taking me to redo my kitchen. I gotta get my shi*t together... Dang. :P

Takikomi Gohan with Salmon. Was so tasty with sesame seeds and julienned Shiso. The mister doesn't like fish so I didn't feel bad asking for seconds. BO-NUS.

And more Beeru. Was a great night. Thanks guys!

I start my week long post of salads tomorrow.(!) Hope everyone is enjoying the weekend.


caninecologne said...

ooh, did I spy a cuss word? :)

great vid by TCP! I love Caleb's posts on Ramen Days.

what's up with the salads Dennis? Are you preparing yourself for another epic food crawl?

K and S said...

great dinner!

Dennis K. said...

Hi CC! Haha, no just trying to eat more healthy. Also trying to balance out my posts of mostly red meats, eggs and high starches. I'm going on my third year and only had five labeled salads! A little sad, haha.

Hi Kat! It was!