Friday, May 6, 2011

Feeling Gay In My Hood - In The Merrily Sense Of The Word

It's Out. Guys, I think I'm... I think I always been...

A Morning Person!

I won a free Peet's drink coupon after displaying my SD chicken karaage prowess successfully answering all of Kirk's Guess the Chicken Karaage Post back in March. What can I say, I've got down my local Japanese-Nugget-Sized-Fried-Chicken offerings from the piece to plating.

Peet's twice brewed Ice Coffee - large, extra ice, no room. Dark and rich, a little chocolately aftertaste without the acidity. Good stuff.

Peet's Coffee & Tea, 350 University Ave, Ste D, San Diego, CA 92103

Dropped in Bread & Cie next door for a little Kiki action. I love the smell of fresh baked bread in the morning.

The bread labeled 'Caramelized Onion' piqued my interest. I think it was ~$4.50. Came out of the oven not too long ago and was warm and crackled to the lightest squeeze.

Ah man this was one fantastic bread. Seemed partially sour dough based with an excellent crusty outer and very moist chewy inner. I noticed what seemed like some mustard seeds in there as well. The bread also kept well for the rest of the day. Tasted just as good later.

Another day I paid for my coffee at Peet's, then picked up a baguette. I felt so gay in that original merrily sense of the word.

Decided to cross the street and check out the hours of the newly opened Yu Me Ya, Hillcrest location. Got the news a while back from the great SD Urban blog.

As with the original Encinitas location (an older quick post on them here) they're not open for lunch. Too bad. Despite I managed to remain feeling really gay in that merrily sense of the word for the remainder of the day.

Fabulous week. But still glad the weekend is finally here.

Bread & Cie Cafe, 350 University Ave, San Diego, CA 92103


caninecologne said...

Wut? Kiki action?

Oh wait, not THAT kind of KIKI action!!!!

just ask a Filipino...

ha ha!

word ver:


as in "Charles Bronston is the man!"

Dennis K. said...

What can I say my posts are layered and layered with multiple meanings, ha. But you got me curious. And I still don't exactly know what puto means in spanish! ;)

Kirk said...

Aiyah...... LOL!

I'm glad you made use of that eCup. I've always wondered if folks actually redeemed those!

K and S said...

nom! I am a morning person too!

Darlene said...

As I transition into being old, I am slowly becoming a morning person. Congrats on your win.

Mary said...

I think I have to also give in and say that I am now a morning person. I have no idea when this happened. My old college self would weep.

caninecologne said...

me again - i think it's amazing that you could tell where those chicken karaages (sp) came from! now that is a skill!!!!

Dennis K. said...

Hi Kirk, the puto I speak of is the delicious Filipino rice cake so my blog is technically clean.. haha. :) Thanks again for the free coffee. Are you back from your vacay? Looking forward to your posts!

Hi Kat, early mornings are great! But I tend to crash around 3PM..

Hi Darlene! I hear the early bird now is the new black bird..

Hi Mary! I love the brisk dewy air. And it's nice not to be scrambling to get to work on time.

Hi CC, thanks! But I think it just show my horrible vice of deep fried foods. Though I can easily not touch any sweets for months at a time.

Carol said...

I'm with Mary. I guess I can't blame it on being married to a morning person anymore since I have a hard time sleeping past 7 am. Although I am still quite proud to be able to "nap" whenever. Oh crap, isn't that what old people do? Nap?

Dennis K. said...

Hi Carol, I think naps are great! I think Albert Einstein took naps often... ok, not best example for young but he was very smart, haha. ;)