Sunday, June 12, 2011

The Early Bird: Pho For Breakfast - Pho Hoa

Eating out speaking, it's been more a blah week and weekend so far. The highlight was me pretending to be in Hanoi and having Pho for breakfast in hopes of starting the day right.

Hours for Pho Hoa off El Cajon Blvd (not to be mistaken with Pho Hoa Linda Vista) is easy to remember. 7AM ~ 7PM, 7 days a week. All they serve is Pho here and some drinks so if you're having a fried Cha Gio craving (as I often do) or anything other, this wouldn't be the place. But as for a satisfying bowl of Pho Bo, Pho Hoa has managed to remain in my personal top favorites in San Diego. Pho Hoa's full menu here.

Cafe Da ($2.50), Espresso black iced coffee. It took a little convincing the server that I didn't want the version with sweet condensed milk.

For the Pho I chose No. 8 with rare steak, well done flank and tendon (Tai, Nam, Gan, $5.75).

Always piping hot, the broth is rather clear and the color also on the light side but surprisingly has a good amount of flavor (sure, MSG is used but I have no issue). This day was a tad on the salty side but otherwise the usual thumbs up from me.

A nice portion of fresh spritely vegetables. Also includes the sometimes elusive Ngo Gai / Culantro which I enjoy. Didn't ask for a plate of extra onions this time but did my usual side of Nuoc Beo to add some richness. I think it translates to "fatty water" and is basically rendered tallow that is skimmed from the top of the caldron along with some scallions. Yes, stuff that would make your doctor cringe, but what's new these days?

All the meats were tender and delicious, and I also think I like how they seem to be sliced thinner than other spots. Tendons were buttery soft. The regular size is definitely plenty for me and the way some (petite women even) devour the large always did baffle me.

A good meal. A good morning.

The weekend may be picking up after all.

Pho Hoa Restaurant, 4717 El Cajon Blvd, San Diego

I dropped by North Park Produce on the way back. The doors had just opened and were hardly any shoppers. Didn't buy anything but sharing some photos.

Below, photos from an older set back in 2009 taken with a different camera.

North Park Produce, 3551 El Cajon Blvd, San Diego, CA 92104


Carol said...

I love pho for breakfast! Well, I like pho anytime really but there's just something about having it for breakfast.

OkiHwn said...

Very good looking pho!

K and S said...

nice morning!

Dennis K. said...

Hi Carol! At 8AM have to say was the earliest I had a bowl. Might skip the nuoc beo next time. Mad me sleepy later. ;)

Hi Nate! It's good pho.

Hi Kat! It was!