Monday, June 6, 2011

Nessy Burgers Revisited - The Nessy Burger Revisited

Would you have recognized this burger without having read the title? ;)

I was out in Escondido work related end of last week and since my task was done early and I had skipped lunch the day I thought I wouldn't mind driving another 12-mins North of the I-15 to check out Nessy Burger again. I rarely come out this way so was perfect.

3PM-ish on a weekday the line was super short thank goodness. One of these days I will try their Ham & Egg Sandwich and hot dog but when you're unsure when you'll be back, you can say it's hard not to order the Nessy Burger ($5.50).

I never confirmed but the patty must be about half a pound. It's a hefty burger. Was a lot more moist than last time which was nice. I think the shorter line helped, the patty grilled to order for me, but I forgot to ask it medium again. Burgers here are well done.

Unfortunate because I still feel for its size it could be a much much juicier burger. Still with a patty like that it's almost impossible not to be good. To me it has the personality of the very casual but generous take of your friendly neighbor's backyard grill (who maybe had pressed the patties with his spatula once too often). The buns were toasted nice and crusty.

And like the neighbors of great company and heart, you really can't take the atmosphere away from experiencing the Nessy either. In the middle of a truck/gas stop off of a really windy desolate Hwy 76... Considering your options it's a total godsend.

I think some may feel partially bitten shots of food are gnarly, but not me and this is my blog so here you go. What' Evah, I do what I want. ;)

Nessy Burgers, 4760 Hwy 76, Fallbrook, CA 92028


K and S said...

I like the bite shots..makes it more real :)

Carol said...

haha, hamburger heads! Boy, it's been ages since we've driven up for Nessy Burgers. I've always enjoyed their burgers. We used to to a persimmons farm near there during the late fall and pick persimmons, then pop over for a burger. Miss those days since the farm is no more, sniff sniff. I've had a hot dog there once and it was decent. I'd have it again.

Dennis K. said...

Hi Kat! Thanks.. Actually I 'love' bite shots. ;)

Hi Carol! Love persimmons! Wow, curious what you can do with a large quantity of them. Would you bake into a pie? Curious. Anyway yeah Nessy Burgers are definitely great if you happen to be in the area or passing through. But maybe not quite worth a special drive up from San Diego proper.

Cathy Doe said...

The hot dogs are good, but the name of the establishment is always what I must order. Good photos; make it real, not staged.

Dennis K. said...

Hi Cathy! It was so windy, the top bun was about to blow away!