Friday, June 3, 2011

Salabration: A Week Of Salads - Shrimp, Pork And Jellyfish Goi

Day five. It is National Doughnut Day according to Kat of Our Adventures in Japan but we have here a Goi Sua Tom Thit (Shrimp, Pork and Jellyfish Salad) from Phuong Trang.

After my delicious Pork and Shrimp Jack Fruit Salad experience at Que Huong lunching with the Kirk last year I've been curious in trying other variations of Vietnamese Goi. Inquiring about possible other spots in SD I could try, of the list of places one of the mentions with possible potential was PT's Shrimp and Jellyfish Salad. I could sense it was a while since the meister had visited but I happened to be nearby (and due for a meal in my belly) during the last three-day weekend and decided to drop in. I was glad! :)

The veggie portion of ingredients consisted of shredded Green Papaya, Carrots, Cucumber, Celery, fresh Mint and were dressed on the conservative side with Nuoc Mam fish sauce.

Accompanied with some blush pink Shrimp Chips. I love how you can hear them crackle the moment it touches anything with moisture. Fun, but also tasty. The salad's fresh shrimps were split in half lengthwise and texturally went perfectly with the also thin sliced pork, crunchy dried jellyfish and crushed roasted Peanuts.

Really glad this gave me an opportunity to revisit because while I only had a so-so experience in the past with their Pho (only recommended to folks who like to liberally dowse theirs with Hoisin and Sriracha) I always intended in coming back to try other dishes. So here I share, and thanks Kirk, I'm glad I tried it! Really enjoyed the salad. And it's nice to know there are many more Goi out in the sea to further check out... ;)

Phoung Trang menu here.

Phuong Trang Restaurant, 4170 Convoy St, San Diego, CA 92111


K and S said...

yummy salad, you should get a doughnut too :)

KirkK said...

I'm glad the salad worked out for you Dennis! BTW, Phuong trang managed to dumb the whole thing down by giving you cheap shrimp chips instead of sesame rice crackers.... sigh.....

Mike said...

That salad looks really tasty - nice photo, too!

Carol said...

Looks delicious. I love jellyfish salad but never had this version. Shrimp chips always bring me back to my childhood, could eat those by the ton.

caninecologne said...

hi dennis - i like phuong trang

the sesame rice crackers are better for the salad.

did you know the unfried shrimp chips look like those plastic shrinky dinks?

loved that first photo. very magazine worthy.

word ver:

put the babi in the kribi

i know, lame.

Dennis K. said...

Hi Kat! Haha, maybe I'll have a doughnut next year.. :)

Hi Kirk! Thanks again. Yeah I remember the sesame crackers at Que Huong. I agree would've been even tastier.. I've enjoyed this series a lot, definitely doing a sequel! :)

Thanks Mike! Best to share but I took some home with me. (*whisper) I actually had some Cha Gio with, shh.. ;)

Hi Carol! I definitely had my share of shrimp chips growing up too! I still see them at the grocer and always tempted to buy some, but now that I'm older to have with a beer, haha.

Hi CC! Yeah I've seen them fry up some (probably on television) and they're really cool to watch. Those Mexican wheel shaped crackers are the same.
Thanks for the compliment.. Actually the light was really bad in there and I had to crack open their vertical blinds some.