Saturday, August 13, 2011

The Early Bird: A Breakfast @ Perry's Cafe

I'd swear I've posted on Perry's before, even if a brief mention on one of my Random Ramblings. But anyway here's a breakfast I had there about two weeks ago. Now that I've discovered how I'm really a morning person hoping to share more of these as a series.

I'm usually not that adventurous when it comes to breakfast in general. Once in a while I do order a Benny or even occasionally a Ham and Egg Sandwich, but for the most part it's Eggs Over Easy with the big questions only as to how many eggs and what kind of sausage. This day two and my spiced ground pork I'd like shaped like a patty, thanks.

I've been asking for my Hash Browns 'crisp' just to be on the safe side but Perry's is usually good about them. Came out wonderful and the soft toast were buttered evenly all the way to the edges. Oh how I feel loved.

Two-eggs breakfasts are hard to mess up so I can really have them anywhere. But it's the atmosphere and vibe of Perry's that I particularly appreciate and enjoy. Especially at six in the morning.

Perry's Cafe, 4610 Pacific Hwy, San Diego, CA 92110

And the challenge is still up. Can you Guess These San Diego Breakfasts?


Carol said...

The Mister drives by this place on his way to work everyday and keeps telling me he's going to take me there for breakfast. He says there's always cars in the parking lot. I'm still waiting... :-)

Dennis K. said...

Hi Carol! I've had some misses with their lunch specials in the past but always enjoyed breakfast here.

KirkK said...

Hey Dennis - It's the hash browns that keep me going back to Perry's..... if I visit during lunch, I'll actually ordre a side of au jus to pour over it's good!

Dennis K. said...

Hi Kirk! Wow hash browns with au jus sounds super good!!