Sunday, August 28, 2011

The Early Bird: A Breakfast Sandwich @ Tommy's Original

朝からもガッツリ行きましょう!It's......... Tommy Time.

For once I'm not writing about the historical relevance between my beloved Japanese MOS Burger with Tommy's. But did you know Tommy Time can start as early as 7AM if you so wish? Yes sir, and although their full menu was at my disposal I was here at 6:58AM to try out a breakfast item. For the most part purely out of curiosity but nonetheless.

Sausage Egg Cheese Muffin ($2.45) with a Hash Brown ($1.15) and hot coffee ($1). A Tommy's version Breakfast Burrito is also offered.

Asked for everything on the sandwich which meant aside from the toasted English Muffins (Burger Buns if preferred), sausage patty and fried egg, all the usual Tommy's Burger suspects would be found.

Thick slice of beef steak tomato, fresh chopped onions, a smidgen of mustard, pickles, cheese, and bonus small dollop of mayo. All of course tied together with their signature gooey chili sauce (which is completely optional).

The muffin was softer than usual and perfect for not having the contents gush out the sides after taking a bite. The sausage patty and fried egg seemed lower on the sodium scale (compared to McD's) in a good way. Was nicer to balance out the chili, but even without the sauce I felt the tomatoes, onions and pickles really made the sandwich stand out.

Loved the iPhone-esque shape of the Hash Browns of course (with those lovely radiused corners). Were also seasoned fairly conservatively compared to McD's which was again refreshing. These I would finish up later with ketchup.

Tommy's without a doubt has a worthy contender for the Heavyweight bout of breakfast sandwiches (I'll have to tell you about Sombrero's limited time Breakfast Torta some other day...). Something I couldn't have every morning but even without the chili I'd totally order again along with the rest of the unusual but tasty fixings. Unusual, but good.

Original Tommy's Hamburgers, 7415 Clairemont Mesa Blvd, San Diego, CA 92111


caninecologne said...

i've not eaten at tommy's before, but my husband and his friends used to do "Tommy Runs" up to L.A. back in college (since there wasn't a Tommy's in SD in the 80's). he loves their chili burger.

i like the look of that breakfast sandwich as well as that iphone sized hash brown!

kish said...

never done breakfast. planning on waking up early tomorrow.... a huge commitment for me as holidays i vow to never wake up before noon. but for tommy's all rules get broken

Dennis K. said...

Hi CC! My metabolism tanked since college days so I don't find myself at Tommy's that often now but gotta say I'm still a fan. Yeah, the chili is automatic unless you ask for it without.

Hi Kish! I used to go to the one in Eagle Rock often myself. Back when I lived in South Pas.