Sunday, August 14, 2011

The Early Bird: A Ham & Egg Banh Mi @ Cafe Dore

Last weekend I was up earlier than usual and in the mood for Banh Mi. I see a lot of people who are walk-ins order food to-go at Cafe Dore, probably because of its rather intimidating atmosphere. A combination of cigarette smoke in a dark cavernous space packed with men playing boardgames, a background rumble of television, sea of conversation mumble with occasional holler of excitement (someone is winning). The Vietnamese testosterone level is quite high and could be a little much to want to dine in for some.

But I had decided to have my fried egg sandwich there along with a bowl of soup. Otherwise I could've eaten in my car I guess which I have done on occasion.

Banh Mi Cha Trung Chien. The particular masterpiece of simplicity that was my craving the morning, wrapped in virgin white sandwich paper, affixed with a simple rubber band (that I take with me around my wrist for use).

The yolks wonderfully runny and the ham nice and salty with a dash of that unmistakeable meaty Maggi flavoring. Some fresh herby cilantro and sliced cucumbers to offset, all of course nestled between a toasted light and airy Vietnamese baguette.

The Bo Vien beef meatball soup I've also had before. The broth's flavor I felt was a little artificial tasting but the coarse pepper and garlic notes comforting.

The meatballs were a lot more tender than most. These tend to be squeaky in texture almost sausage like with a few minced pieces of cartilage for added texture. I have friends who don't care for them but I find these quite enjoyable, also sometimes ordered with my bowl of Pho.

Was a good breakfast and I had my Iced Espresso drink to keep me going for the rest of the day, along with another bagged BBQ Pork Banh Mi for lunch later. :)

My early encounter of Cafe Dore's Banh Mi Trung from 2008 can be read here.

Cafe Dore, 4135 University Ave, San Diego, CA 92105


K and S said...

ooh never thought to make a breakfast version of banh mi, looks and sounds good!

Mike said...

That egg banh mi looks great!

Dennis K. said...

Hi Kat! While I can get Banh Mi Trung elsewhere according to Kirk the Banh version at Cafe Dore with ham is rather rare. I crave theirs once in a while.

Hi Mike, hope you're doing well! My memory of one of your older posts recently made me crave Huevos Ranchero! Funny how that randomly happens.