Saturday, August 20, 2011

The Early Bird: Tamal Breakfast @ Jimmy Carter's

Ahh, I just love the bluish cast early morning light gives...

This location of Jimmy Carter's off 5th Ave in Hillcrest used to be Breakfast specific but a while back had merged menus with the Mission Hills locations now that they've closed (for sad reasons of their landlord hiking up the rent I've heard).

But anyway here I was at 7AM Friday morning. It wouldn't be until I finished my meal that a second customer would arrive but like how my last visit to The Huddle, was neat to have the entire place to myself.

To be honest I thought I'd be fine with standard American fare breakfast the morning but it would've been silly not to have something drowned in one of many JC's tasty Mexican Sauces. By the time I remembered Mike and Sherry's Huevos Ranchero post on their Menu in Progress blog I was totally reprogrammed and primed.

Ended up with a Pork Tamal with eggs in Norteña Sauce. Nice and chunky pork with the slightly tangy sauce cutting through the richness, not to forget the two over-easy eggs tying everything together first meal of the day proper.

I had to get a side of breakfast sausages because nothing can replace them for me, not even bacon. And were these intense. Porky, greasy in a good way and packed high with a sage punch. I couldn't find out where they were from. I feel a box of them belong in my fridge.

Jimmy Carter's Mexican Cafe, 3172 5th Ave, San Diego, CA 92103


Mike said...

Looks great - I love the idea of tamales topped with eggs. We've got some pork tamales in the freezer - I need to pull some out and give it a try.

Dennis K. said...

Hi Mike! You know, their online menu doesn't describe eggs with the tamal so I might have inadvertently created the dish haha. But what's not to like right? :)