Saturday, September 17, 2011

The Early Bird: A Breakfast Sandwich @ Antonelli's Deli (And A Deli Club Sub For Lunch)

My second quick visit to El Cajon a month-ish back I'd be discovering another meal producing gem following the Beef 'N Bun. The pleasant people at the powder coaters recommended Antonelli's Deli for lunch (along with a warning about the long lines). Luckily it was after the noon rush but the then memorable meal prompted me for this revisit early Saturday morning which I'm sharing first.

Shown the ooey gooey #44 Breakfast Sandwich - Italian Sausage, Provolone, Peppers, Onions & Egg ($4.25).

Seemed pressed on one of those ribbed panini grills and was very warm. The bread was really nice (which I'll elaborate more on later) but what I immediately noticed was that the meats were sliced wafer thin including the sausage. Along with the fine chopped grilled peppers, onions and of course eggs, made for great texture and consistency. Delicious.

Did make me a little sleepy later but this was a great sandwich. And next time I need to pick up one of the yummy looking single serving potato salads or even a dessert from the fridge (was that Tiramisu I seen?).

Below the Deli Club Sub (#8) I had my fist visit. Enormous! And this was the mid-sized 8" ($6.75) and not their largest foot long. The can of coke is a good reference for scale, albeit it's in the background perspective...

I'm a big fan of the ultra thin cuts of meats here. Don't get me wrong, they're stacked and portions are substantial, I just don't know how they can get deli meat to be sliced as thin as it is.(!) The turkey, ham and roast beef all tender, moist and texturally great while the fact that everything also tastes so fresh doesn't hurt here either.

But I thought the real star of the sandwich was the bread that I was told were specially produced for Antonelli's from a local baker. It really reminded me of those soft and spongy Amoroso or equivalent Italian long rolls of cheesesteaks I've had in Philly. Much wider in size of course but the best thing I can think of to describe, like picking up one of those toy self-skin foam Nerf footballs.

A soft very fine textured bread protected by an almost glossy and smooth exterior which gives to the pressure of your finger tips but surprisingly resilient and doesn't easily tear. Couple that with their fresh mille-feuille-esque fillings and it's not hard to figure out what's making all the people return for more.

The interior is decorated with a lot of cute Disney paraphernalia but other than it and a few flat screens, an all business great sandwich producing roadside establishment. A joyous discovery.

Antonelli's Deli, 1354 North Magnolia Ave, El Cajon, CA 92020

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