Sunday, September 11, 2011

Random Updates & What's On My Rice: Another Retort Curry And A T.K.G.

Retort Pack Curry flavor of the week is Ika-sumi Gyu-suji (Squid Ink Beef Tendon). I had sampled this before but the photos didn't come out then so sharing for the first today. Was recommended to top with finely minced long onions so gave it a try this time. Passed on the poached egg option.

The unusual surf and turf combination works really well. The squid ink gives a subtle but deep marine umami base (if not a dark green tinge) to the rue without tasting fishy whatsoever, and the melty tender beef tendons are of course of no brainer deliciousness.

Negi grown and sold here I feel are a bit more bitter and not as sweet as ones found in Japan but the topping was definitely a welcome cutting some of the richness while adding a fresh flavor and texture to the dish. Gave my third box away so this was my last. Will be missed but my stash of retort curries is far from depleted. ;)

Another Hokkaido Fair is coming up at your nearest Mitsuwa Markets next week, Thursday through Sunday (15th~18th). As usual my focus will be on the limited time ramen showcased at the Costa Mesa and Torrance stores. Will be a return for Asameshi Maeda Honpo which will be serving their Shoyu Ramen at Torrance. Had it about two years ago here in SD and I honestly can't remember details for the life of me but was definitely a nice Shoyu (tad fishy), overall maybe on the rustic side.

As much as a good Shoyu is enticing I always look forward to sampling a well crafted Miso so the opportunity to try Kagetora's Miso and Spicy Miso at Costa Mesa will also be high on my coming weekend's to-do list. My past post of two Miso Ramens had at a previous Mitsuwa Hokkaido Fair here.

Lastly a Tamago Kake Gohan I had yesterday. Recently seem to have humorously acronymed as the T.K.G. is the humble old school Japanese nourishment ritual of raw egg over rice. A no fuss meal for me while some seem to take it to hearty extremes. Many opt for mixing the egg along with seasoning beforehand but I prefer mine resting over a divotted mound of hot rice whole, marbling the ratio of yolk and whites as I go. Yess.

When in TKG mode I typically look for the freshest Nijiya brand organic eggs I can get my hands on but sometimes as I did today those half dozen New Zealand brand that comes in that fancy container. Anyway, while regular soy sauce is perfectly fine for the application I prefer a good Dashi Shoyu. I've been using this brand below from Nijiya after being introduced to it by friends (it's the best!). I did the mistake of buying a Kikkoman version once which I think was meant more for cooking (was way too sweet and strong for me). This tiny white carton is the bee's knees. Fantastic with your Hiyayakko and great with Sashimi too.

A show in Japan exploring the many tasty possibilities of TKG's...

Part two of the show here. That's all for today, hope everyone had a great weekend!


OkiHwn said...

the TKG looks ono!

KirkK said...

Hey Dennis - In my book that TGK is missing some 'N'.....

Dennis K. said...

Hi Nate, Very Ono it is!

Hi Kirk, let me guess the 'N'.. NATTO!? haha. I just had some tonight. So nutritious but also so cheap!