Saturday, October 15, 2011

Retort Report: Coco Ichi Beef And Kinkei Ginza Curry

The care package replenishment of more pouch curries had arrived. Combination of it and the fact I left my good camera at friend's means clearing out the older curry queue this weekend. As promised from my earlier Coco Ichi Pork Curry retort report, I had the beef flavor with some Natto couple weeks ago. Thought it'd go well in a Turf-n-Turf kinda way. Natto also happens to be a listed topping on the restaurant's menu.

And they very much did go nicely but seems anything would've been great with this Beef flavor which I thought had much more umami-oomph than the Pork that bordered on subtle. If I had to choose, this Beef version would be the one kept permanently stocked in my cupboard.

This day I was also enamored by the rediscovery of the Coco Ichi plateware in looks but also functional beauty. Designed specifically for the sole task of perfectly cuddling a single portion of Japanese Curry Rice. Much wider than a soup saucer and not as flat as a standard serving plate. The calculated dimensions efficiently cools the curry sauce to devourable temperatures while also contributing as a stable platform for toppings piled to extremities. Makes me even more proud to own one. ;)

Next up sharing the Kinkei Ginza Curry documented much longer ago. This was one of the first to go from my beginning of year purchased stash how delicious they were. To a person familiar to the Meiji corporation, the company may be known more for Milk Chocolate Bars than curries. But I'd find out Meiji had in fact been producing curry products under the Kinkei (Gold Pheasant) Brand as early as the 1920's. Sometime after the mid-Eighties they would launch the Kinkei Ginza Curry in retort pouch form with attractive retro packaging.

Loved the box where each pouch inside of all three I purchased also had a different retro graphics printed. Shown in heat level 'Spicy.'

I'll have to take back what I said earlier. If I had to choose one boxed curry to be in my cupboard at all times it would probably be this Kinkei Ginza Curry.

Containing plenty of beef and onions, extremely flavorful and satisfying. The rue, deep and unctuous, overall on the sweet side but balanced with spice heat that makes you look forward to each alternating spoonful of hakumai rice. Couldn't really ask for more as for classic Japanese style curries go. The strips of beef and the way the onions were sliced thin reminded me of Hayashi Rice which they also sell. (The photo in the wiki link provided isn't very representative. Here's a better Hayashi Rice image on youtube.)

Last, a random King Crab retort curry review from Road of the Retort-Pouched Curry King...

Whether he'll reach the real deal level of Instant Noodle Diary Mr. Tontantin fame only time will tell but found it entertaining nonetheless.


K and S said...

I like that Ginza keema curry really delish!

Dennis K. said...

Hi Kat! I noticed they had quite a few types. I'm curious of their Hayashi too.