Saturday, October 1, 2011

Saturday Ramblings And Retort Curry OTW: Coco Ichibanya Pork Curry

Yesss. I can't believe it's finally October. Could very well be my favorite month out of the year only next to September and November, and of course December. It's the month when true Fall weather sets in and is capped with The Coolest holiday of all... Hallo-Freak'n-Ween!

Seriously backed up with posts but haven't been inspired to share any meals from outings lately. So we have here another plate of Karee Raisu for all you retort pouch curry fans (or not). Busted out the Coco Ichibanya Gift Set today which meant I'll be having my meal in style, on proper Coco Ichi plateware and matching baller spoon.

Went with the pork flavor since I just had the beef version a week ago. The rice cooker chiming in ready with hot steamy rice, I quickly heated up some Arabiki links to have as topping while the pouch boils in water for a few minutes.

Tried to make it look just like how it's served at the restaurant, haha. Coco Ichibanya, Japan's largest curry rice restaurant chain is known for their insane number of optional toppings (some traditional but many not so) as they are their creamy and medium rich Japanese curry. A post about my visit in Tokyo here.

At first glance and taste Coco Ichi's rue which is a popular velvety style with little or no visible ingredients may not seem that different with other popular brands. In fact though not quite Sara Sara, it tends to be a tad less viscous than most out there. But after plowing through some ways one would notice a satisfying depth of flavor characteristic of a long stew simmer.
Too bad my plate at the So. Cal. (currently only) Torrance location didn't quite measure up to even this I put together at home. I'm hoping the watered down taste was a fluke and one of these days will make it back to try again.

But man, these course ground pork sausages I picked up at Nijiya were like crack, bursting with pork juices soon as my teeth sunk into them. Can't be that healthy for me but they sure did taste great. Must moderate.

Naturally complemented really well with Coco Ichi's pork flavor which is rather mild relatively speaking but mysteriously addicting. A flavor profile that goes great with pretty much anything piggybacked as garnish or a main, traditional or avant garde, imagined or real. I'll probably whip up some fermented Natto beans when having the last of the beef flavor next time.


Carol said...

Yeah, Halloween! My favorite holiday!

K and S said...

boo to watery curry but yeah to arabiki weenies!

Dennis K. said...

Hi Carol, me too! :)

Hi Kat! This retort was great but yeah the first visit to Cocoichi Torrance was a disappointment. Arabiki weenies are dangerously addictive!

Junichi said...

Another food festival later this month at Mistuwa. Looks like I'm making another trek to LA for ramen.

Dennis K. said...

Hey Junichi! We should go together. Send me an email! Have you heard which shops are coming? No info on the site just yet.