Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Home Chashu-Don And Menchi Katsu Curry. Then Desserts With Fellow Bloggers And Friends

Sharing two episodes of pseudo cooking in the past weeks, plus one bonus SD Food Blogger meetup!

A De-luXXXe Chashu-don made with Ramen Nakamuraya's Chashu and Ajitama pilfered from the last day of Fall Umaimono Fair at Mitsuwa Torrance. Score.

[Bow Chicka Wow Wow...]

A foundation of Koshihikari rice fresh from my fuzzy logic cooker, I carefully saved all the sauce drippings from pork and marinated eggs to later drizzle. I only then had to slice some green onions to sprinkle on top. The hearty meal had lasted me well into the evening and I remember skipping dinner altogether.

The next day I used the Menchi Katsu also purchased along with the previous donburi toppings to purdy up my final Coco Ichi retort pouch curry (Pork flavor).

I felt I revived the menchi pretty well in my convection toaster oven. Outer panko crust saku-saku crispy, inner still juicy moist. With a subtle nice nutmeg spice note, the ground meat I'm guessing was an aibiki team play blend of pork and beef. Their complementing umami then fortified with a good amount of finely minced sauteed onions. Pretty good.

Tonkatsu (pork cutlet) still has that magical soulmate relationship with Japanese Curry but Menchi Katsu is a great standby, if not actually a bit guiltier in end product. Any case, bye bye Coco Ichi retort pouches... I have no planned source for immediate replenishment but I'm sure I'll still be using the plate and spoon on worthy occasions. ;)

Kirbie had already posted on the desserts we had at San Diego Desserts. Canine Cologne as well with also even our lunch get together at Que Huong prior to. I'm still compiling the Que Huong portion (my first visit post there here) but here's what we all had at SD Desserts.(!) Kibie's fiance and CC's friend also joined us the day.

My Cheesecake was the least sweetest of the bunch. A lighter spongy, almost leavened texture and only lightly sweet. I really enjoyed this version from SD Desserts, especially the looks, haha. The unadorned perfect cylinder was so aesthetically to my taste! So much so I actually had a hard time putting the fork in it.

But I eventually did and it was delicious. I do admit not having a true sweet tooth but what I've discovered about myself recently is that while I may not have that initial craving for sweets, once I do get into any I'm pretty much all go for the rest of the meal.

Thanks again for the invite Kirbie and Canine Cologne! This was a fun day, we shall do something similar once again. :)

San Diego Desserts, 5987 El Cajon Blvd San Diego, CA 92115


K and S said...

sounds like a great gathering :)

kirbie said...

I really love your first pic and also your cheesecake picture. Btw, I responded to your email re comments, did you get it? I need to write up our Que Huong visit too. I have such a huge backlog of posts. I don't know why because I blog so much. But yes, this was a lot of fun! I hope we do it again soon =)

Dennis K. said...

Hi Kat, it was fun!

Hi Kirbie! What, you didn't care for my gloppy Japanese Curry that all look pretty much the same anyway photo? haha. ;) Thanks again for the cookies! Yeah let's do something again soon. Cheers.

caninecologne said...

hi dennis - i should try that cheesecake next time! lunch and dessert was fun that day!