Friday, December 2, 2011

The Early Bird: Hash Brown Breakfast @ Waffle House (TN)

The Early Bird: I ♥ Nashville Edition... ish...

That was technically not in Nashville proper, but one of many photogenic Waffle House's off of many scenic freeways existing in the state with cool Dragon Ball flag.

Oh man, was the morning cold.(!) My second ever visit to a WH where I couldn't remember the details of my first, what I had or even what state I was in being too many years ago. Love the open kitchen and everyone was super duper friendly including the one regular that was chatting up with the waitresses and cook. He looked he could be Andy Rooney's twin brother. But anyway, when was the last time you were able to chat up with the cook at your local diner? Waffle House rules.

[The view of the beautiful griddle...]

The laminated double-side single-sheet menu was straightforward and easy to go through. Many Waffle House specifics which in hindsight would've made a more interesting post but would be my standard breakfast fare the morning.

Yup, two eggs done over-easy, sausage (only patties available which is perfect by me), buttered toast and hash browns, hot coffee.

You can read on Serious Eats an article that was done by my buddy Hawk Krawl (the site's Hot Dog expert) on all the different ways you can have your Hash Browns here. I've ordered mine rather simply, only "Smothered" with sauteed onions. They flipped it over so you'll have to trust me the delicious larger chopped onions were under there. If you can't tell, even without any additional toppings WH hash browns are very crispy on one side and a pure pleasure good eats. Eggs were also perfection, runny yolks yet firm whites, and the smaller hockey puck sausage patties leaner but having that great sage spiced flavor.

Maybe it was the contrast between their warm inviting interior and the extra cold morning, but this second visit I knew would be one that I wouldn't be forgetting. I negotiated my purchase of a WH coffee mug on the way out. ;)

Waffle House, 1312 Murfreesboro Rd, TN 37064


kaszeta said...

If you've never done Hash Browns "All the Way", you need to do it at least once.

Although I'm mostly a "scattered, smothered, and peppered" type myself.

caninecologne said...

yeah, hash browns!!! i normally don't go out for breakfast but if i did, i'd have what you had!

word ver:


Dennis K. said...

Hi Kaszeta, I'll have to do that next time! I also noticed they use the form ring for the hash browns only if you order them stand alone.(?)

Hi CC! They cook them nice and crispy here. :)

Cathy Doe said...

One of the hidden treasures of the menu is raisin toast. Oh, and apple jelly. The waffles are magical. I am forever grateful to the founder of the Waffle House concept.

Minxi said...

Waffle House is definitely one of those things I miss the MOST about the South, haha! When are they gonna open one in San Diego? :P

Minxi said...

Waffle house is definitely one of the things I miss the MOST about the South... when are they gonna open one in San Diego?!?