Friday, January 13, 2012

The Early Bird: A Breakfast @ Perry's Cafe (2)

6:03AM. My second early bird breakfast posting at Perry's Cafe. This was just this morning and met up with a coworker friend that lives not too far from me before our way up.

Again, I'm usually not that experimental with my breakfast in the morning but... Shown, two eggs over-easy, link sausages this time, and Onions on the Hash Browns (Woo Ha!), the inspiration got from the visit to Waffle House. Man, was this good. Also rediscovered my love for Rye Bread recently after random enjoyable patty melt and reuben experiences elsewhere.

[Click the image for a drooling close up!]

The friend had the Bacon, Eggs (scrambled), and Waffle plate from the specials menu. To me seemed like a nice fill for only ~$5. Personally can't vouch for everything on Perry's menu but for my standard breakfast fare, I absolutely love the joint, atmosphere especially included. The crispy hash browns are always good. Try it with onions and thank me later. :)

Perry's Cafe, 4610 Pacific Hwy, San Diego, CA 92110


K and S said...

mmm hashbrowns (with onions)!

Mary said...

I haven't been to Perry's in a long time, but they do have some solid eats. Love that early morning pre-sunrise picture. Good call with the onions on the hash browns!

Dennis K. said...

Hi Kat! It's going to be my new thing I think... :)

Hi Mary! Yeah, I had my share of misses, usually during lunch and usually something on their specials board. But as for the basic breakfast I tend go get, I'm pretty happy. Hope you and Jake are doing well!