Sunday, April 28, 2013

Sunday Ramblings - iPhone Emoji, Mochi Cream And Other Cutesy Food Related Things Purchased This Weekend

Hello there! Been eating and documenting my meals plenty but have had a severe block in the writing department this month for whatever reason. From experience I know it's best not to force things and just let the slump run its natural course. But managed to do this quick post tonight so that I'd at least have something for the month of April.(!) Anyway, hope to be back 100% in May...

A few weeks ago I accidentally discovered the food collection of the emoji function on my iPhone when an onigiri icon popped up while typing Japanese. After some fiddling I found the full collection can be accessed by going into your Settings/General/ and activating the special Emoji keyboard. 

Bento box, sushi, ramen and hamburgers and even Curry Rice with a side of Fukujinzuke pickles. I think my bases are covered, haha.

Below a pop-up cat kaiten-zushi card I found in the bookstore of Mitsuwa Costa Mesa. The sushi carousel actually rotates as you open the card. So cute!

Bento and Onigiri playing cards. Interesting but passed because I had already purchased a bunch of stuff the day...

Like this book called "Pan to Ippiki." About a bread loving dog and the breakfasts its owner would create. Includes a few recipes.

Reminds me some of the beautiful stuff out of Brooklyn based Simply Breakfast blog, only minus the adorable dog of course. :)

Also picked up a mini Danboard figure. There were a few variants and while the TAMIYA version was really tempting, I ended up with the Ehime Mikan (Ehime tangerines). I didn't know the eyes lit up until I opened it at home.

These boxy characters aren't a new concept (like the NHK Robot Paruta and Suzuki from Sony's Dokodemo Issyo series) but I really like the infinite potential of the recycled cardboard box reference of Danboard.

Last, a little sweet treat from Mochi Cream. So far I've only seen the shop outlets in the Costa Mesa and Torrance locations of Mitsuwa Market. The shot below is from Torrance a few weekends back.

The round orbs are your Daifuku mochi with an assortment of many non-traditional fillings. I was told the equally pretty donut looking were more of a Warabimochi based. They all come frozen when purchased and you need to thaw them in the fridge before having.

They're not exactly cheap averaging a ~$1.90 a pop but the Double Mango flavor was super good.(!) Filled with some whipped cream with a center of intensely mango-rich filling.

The Blueberry Yoghurt and also Apple Pie was equally as delicious. The apple pie filled had some crispy crust bits that added a nice contrast in texture. The only one I surprising didn't care too much for was the Rum Raisin which was good but didn't exactly 'wow' me like the others did.

It's maybe hard to see buying these for myself again (one, I have a severe lack of sweet tooth...) but I think it's the perfect gift to bring over when visiting friends or other special occasions. I think a quantity half-dozen or more comes packaged in a deserving nifty box.


K and S said...

they just talked about that cardboard figure here, it is selling fast!

Jinxi said...

Whoa. Mochi with whipped cream inside? Mind.blown.

kaszeta said...

Nice. I could use a Mochi shop like that, a few weeks ago I was trying to find Blueberry Mochi for a friend, and I ended up visiting entirely too many mochi shops around Boston, none of which were that nice...

caninecologne said...

Yay! A new post! You have a good eye for the most awesome things like that cool pop up card, books, and the toys! Love that glowing eyed robot!!!! That dessert place is calling my name!

kirbie said...

This post is full of so many cute things! I recently read about the mochi donuts somewhere else. Been wanting to try them out.

Dennis K. said...

Hi Kat! Wow, I didn't know they were that popular.. I hope you're enjoying the book btw! :)

Hi Jinxi! I enjoyed most of them a lot. It took me a while to realize the samples in the case were fake, haha. They look so real.

Hi Kaszeta! I'm glad to see you back! Blueberry Mochi sounds great. I can imagine it being a hard find as it's not very traditional. Have you tried Ichigo Daifuku? It's quite good, a whole strawberry wrapped in soft mochi with some sweet bean paste. Anyway a mochi trend of new fillings sounds exciting if it ever catches on.

Thanks CC! Too bad they're far for us. I don't see our SD Mitsuwa getting one anytime soon.

Thanks Kirbie, and hope you get to try them soon!

Wandering Chopsticks said...

That pop-up card is the cutest thing ever! I'd have to buy two though because I couldn't bear to send it off.

Dennis K. said...

Hi WC, hope you're doing well! Yeah, I thought the same thing about that card actually but didn't buy two. The costa mesa bookstore has a lot of cool stuff..