Saturday, May 24, 2014

Deep Kamata Part-Two: Tawaraya, Bourbon Road And Izakaya Nonta

A quick and final Part-Two of my Deep Kamata experience with fellow Tokyo food blogger friends Ginger-san of, EatNapo-san of Naporitan X Naporitan, Kimimatsu-san and Okayo-san.
After our great time at Katagiri, while Ginger-san and Kimimatsu-san would hunt down a new parking spot for the car, Napo-san, Okayo-san and I were off by foot to the next destination. But the two having heard that I hadn't had a true tachinomi experience (立ち飲み, literal translation - "stand drinking"), they were nice enough to make a quick detour and introduce me to their familiar place - Tawaraya. :)

Standing-room only and without much time to spare Okayo-san ordered her favorite app which was misozuke takuan. Takuan pickles made marinated in miso. Yum.

The takuan proved a perfect otsumami snack for our Nth chaser round of Oolong-Hai, and yes, all while leaning up against a tall round bar table. :) Napo-san keen on finding opportunities for blog content ordered the appetizer sized Naporitan (~$3.50). This was great with a tad more buttery flavor which included the classic Napo triage of onions, piiman green bell peppers and sliced weiners. Napo-san's post of the meal on his blog here, and Okayo-san's also here.

Regrouped we all had a slow stroll through an alley nestled by the Kamata station tracks called Bourbon Road (バーボンロード). Totally dug the super Showa retro vibe...

Its name not to disappoint, a subtle but noticeable scent of liqueur in the air with sounds of karaoke muffled through weathered pub doors. More than a few divey restaurants too. いいかんじ。:)

The nice walk also allowed our bellies to digest some but also helped kill a little time before our final stop. The wonderful dreamy world of Izakaya Nonta (のん太). The shutters only part raised at 10PM, we all help the owner setup the noren banner and drag the lighted sign to the sidewalk corner. You can find Kimimatsu-san's post on our outing here.

As first-comers we have the whole, albeit extremely cozy place to ourselves. The owner that goes by Alice? Kyasarin (Katherine) a total character. Witty, wise and complete joy to interact with. Photos of longtime regulars plaster the walls (I made the cut! But only with rabbit ear kaburimono on, ha...),  and the landscape of stacked caps on kept bottles (all decorated by Kyasarin-san) provides an easy and entertaining visual of their loyal patronage.

Kinmiya Shochu was the choice here. We started with a light chu-toro sashimi plate...

And later in the night ordered this beauty of a stuffed omelet unique to Nonta. What's inside?

Wait for it Ikari Shinji...

Korokke Omuretsu! Potato croquettes and oozey melty cheese. Wow, and totally delicious, especially with a considerable amount of booze left in your belly. ;)

Thanks again to everyone, especially Ginger-san who let me later crash at his home with family. I also received an actual Hoppy apron from Kimimatsu-san as a gift! (I'm holding my Hoppy glass acquired back in 2006 next to it.)

Supposedly the last unfinished bottle is waiting for me at Nonta with our names, in all its decorated glory. I really look forward in being able to add a few cap heights to it with friends, hopefully not too far in the future. Cheers.


K and S said...

wow nice foodie adventure!

Cathy Doe said...

Very, Very, Very cool.

Dennis K. said...

Hi Kat! It was a nice night.

Thanks Cathy! Looking forward to sharing more.

Mary said...

Oh man, an omelet with croquettes and cheese inside?! Looks insanely good. What was the sauce that was on top? It looks like BBQ or ketchup to my American eyes. :)

Dennis K. said...

Hi Mary! Yes, a nice example of improvised Japanese pub grub. :) On top is just ketchup.