Sunday, June 1, 2014

Tamahide - Ganso Oyakodon

Tamahide in Ningyo-cho has been in business since 1760 specializing in serving Shamo Nabe, a type of chicken hotpot using heirloom Tokyo gamefowl. With its 250 year history, it's been widely known as the originator of the Oyakodon.
Said some time in the 1890's, a new dish was proposed that would use an egg to seal leftovers of the hotpot as a way to finish the course meal. Its popularity steadily grew and eventually evolved into its own separate dish, the Oyakodon that we all know today.

Entrance is semi-formal where you take off your shoes and are escorted to a large washitsu where several smaller tables are communal (at least during the lunch rush). Tea and a broth made with Tokyo shamo is served. A few versions of Oyakodon are offered where the foie gras-like Shiroreba ("white liver") was unfortunately out the day but I more or less had my heart set on the popular Ganso, meaning "the original."

Now that's what I'm talking about. :) Seasoning of the warishita (dontsuyu) made with only kombu dashi, mirin and shoyu at first felt on the quiet side but all with the wiggly eggs and chicken (both dark and light) well balanced. This trinity of oyakodon ingredients felt very holistic in approach, one element not to tenor above any other, in fact onions aren't used here either.

Another comfort meal checked off my ever-growing long list. :)
Below a few links to posts of Oyakodons I've made in the past and references to Tamahide.

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[Tamahide Soboro Oyakodon]


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looks fabulous :)

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Was pretty good Kat!