Saturday, July 26, 2014

A Great Curry Rice @ Camp Express (Ikebukuro Station)

Back in Tokyo, the Japanese Curry specialist Camp had been on my go-to list for some time. While their honten main shop is in Yoyogi, I saw one of the Camp Express outlets in the JR side of Ikebukuro Station and made a stop in. The shop's official name is Yasaiwotaberu Karee Camp (野菜を食べるカレーcamp), roughly translated "Curry to Have Your Vegetables - Camp."

A very fun set up, imagine REI serving Curry around the back counter past the tents and sleeping bag isles, then add a feel-good dose of Wes Anderson's Moonrise Kingdom... All was well with the world. :)

Menu wise, opposed to say, Coco Ichibanya where the concept based more on choose-your-topping-to-make-your-own, things are much more boutique flavored at Camp. The Cabbage and Scallop Curry was very enticing while the Hoikoro (Chinese Twice Cooked Pork) Curry sounded insanely good. I settled on the Miso Flavored Pork Curry with Eggplant (茄子と豚肉の旨味噌炒めカレー), which was closer to a curry flavored stir-fry.

Drooling delicious where I had shoveled through the cast iron plate dish in express worthy time. The ever adaptive Japanese Curry. Great versions and evolutions to be had here at Camp.


K and S said...

we tried camp in osaka, loved it!

caninecologne said...

Now I want to go to Japan and eat at all the places you've been to!

Dennis K. said...

Hi Kat, wished there were one here! :)

Hi CC! Hope you get to visit someday with the fam. I always felt general service there is unbeatable.