Sunday, August 10, 2014

I ♥ Detroit - The Telway

The third stop on my mini tour of Detroit's independent slider establishments after Greene's and Bates' was a Telway branch in Madison Heights. According to a commenter on Kaszeta's Offbeat Eats post on the place, this location used to be a Top Hat, another one of many past White Castle clones. Really loved the building, in and out, being retro but somehow also modern at the same time. The workers were also a friendly bunch.

An early dinner and since I had plans to also visit Hunter House next, my meal order was light. A cheeseburger ($1.05) and a Coney Dog ($1.30). Yay.

As with Daniel Zemans' experience in his Serious Eats article, it was also the most tender slider I've had from the few I've tried. This is partly due to Telway's unique additional method of placing a towel over the burgers for some extra steaming before final assembly. There isn't much char on this one but the moist 'oneness' of the slider ingredients of griddled onions, sliver of ground beef, American cheese and pillowy buns is high and a joy to eat in its own right. I felt this was also probably the closest in favor and texture to a White Castle, but one that is definitely a good cut above.

My coney (shown pre-mustardage) was very serviceable as well. As with Bates' the frank seemed a skinless but it was much better griddled. I feel the chili is really more the key with these and the version here felt equally good as Bates' -- smooth, with no beans of course, and perhaps a little spicier. I'd love to try their Foot Long one day.

The Telway, 27000 John R Rd, Madison Heights, MI 48071


K and S said...

looks like another great experience here :)

Dennis K. said...

Hi Kat! The Telway experience felt unique in a good way. Would love to be back. :)