Wednesday, July 1, 2009

A Gyeran Jjim - The Six Second Movie Clip

Finally had a chance to take a few pictures of the Gyeran Jjimm at Walmido that I had mentioned before. I even managed to have a moment of clearheadedness before my meal to switch my camera to video mode for the first time in years. I had to capture that hot bubbly goodness! (Any voice is from the television and not me.)

My first and only experience of a Gyeran Jjim is here so I'm now very interested in trying many more versions elsewhere. Here the egg is flavored with a simple broth (I can detect bonito for one) and the whipped-like texture which may or may not be a common GJ trait seems to be an effect that comes from the bubbling hot pot at Walmido.

Was the perfect "Ha, hoo, foo, hott.." appetizer to slowly physically and mentally ease my way into my eventual lunch meal. And will be sharing those soon too. :)

[If you enjoyed this you can see another 12-second clip here.]


KirkK said...

Hey Dennis - I didn't know you loved this so much! It's really easy to make.

Dennis K. said...

Hi Kirk, you know the weirdo that I am I'm particularly in love with the way they serve it here. The bubbly, molten hot, fluffy egg custard cloud.. So minimal and so pretty! :)
But it would be impressive to serve one day so I looked up some recipes online.. Do you have a favorite? ;)