Monday, April 26, 2010

Got My Bangers And Mash Fix..

A little warning that this is a photo centered post with even less useful info than usual (if that is at all possible..). But I always meant this blog to be a hybrid photo album/blogging type deal for me.

Anyhow, was going to try the new Lefty's in Mission Hills tonight for the first time but forgot they were closed on Mondays.. So we headed to Shakespeare Pub instead.

Ever since I mentioned SP's Bangers & Mash in my recent Fish & Chips post I've been strangely craving it - brown gravy, green peas and all..

My dining dude companion had a roast beef plate typically served at lunch. The thin cuts cooled down quickly with the brisk air out on the outside patio. My bangers on the other hand were insulated in tasty gravy.. :)

The three sausages in the B&M here are nothing fancy but has a flavor that I really enjoy. The grilled onions had an exceptionally nice char while the brown gravy and mashed potatoes were fresh tasting as usual.

I must check out the shop next door one of these days (which was closed by the time of the visit).
I confess the photo below I took while I was a bit tipsy.. (When is the new Tron movie out Btw..?)

The framed adult comic strips in the men's room.. haha. Not sure what the obsession with nudist camps are but a lot of the humor seems to take place there.

The kitchen with the beautiful fryer..

The bar..

The outdoor patio..

And that's it.

A pint, some starch, protein and gravy to end an otherwise uneventful Monday. Sounds great to me! ;)

Shakespeare Pub & Grill, 3701 India Street, San Diego, CA 92103

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Two Meals - Saturday 4.24.2010 - Tacos El Gordo No. 3, Point Loma Seafoods Part 2

Dinner tonight was at Tacos El Gordo (No. 3) in National City. It's probably been about two years since I last visited.

Most memorable this night was the Cabeza Taco..

Super duper moist, unctuous beefiness.. The tangy green tomatillo salsa was perfect to cut through the fatty fine chopped mystery meatness it was. So good.

Above the lightning fast person who made my delicious Cabeza taco, and to the right the Asada taco that was created by an equally proficient team.. The asada was a wee bit chewy but only by a little, had great flavor with some smokiness that I enjoyed.
Next the expert fellow who created my Adobada Taco..

Yess.. The adobada's marinade seemed to have a nice light fruity flavor and I liked the way they were cut in thinner slices.. The single thicker tortillas were good. Some were cooked with a little more grease than others but all good.

I always liked how the different tacos here seemed to have their own specific toppings. The light sour creamy avocado-ey pistachio colored 'Guac sauce' on the adobada is a little hard to describe for me but I think went really great with. The previous asada came with some guacamole and salsa fresca.

Didn't have Lengua today. The last were in huge chunks and I usually prefer mine chopped finer. I may try them again one of these days since I did remember enjoying the flavor.

If you haven't been here before, the counter is divided by the type of meats offered. You walk over to each section and order one by one. Pay at the register when you're done, or as we did keep a tab open.

I think there are a few exceptions on the menu but all the tacos today were a $1.85 including this Azteca. One that includes grilled nopal cactus with your choice of any meat (shown with chicken).

Wasn't mine but the friend who had it said it was great and I should try it next time.. I will! :)
..Maybe with the Cabeza or Adobada..

I can't remember if the smaller TJ-style tacos here were always priced a little on the high side but for me definitely tasty eats that's worth the few extra change and the drive down.. :)

Tacos El Gordo No. 3, 1940 Highland Avenue, National City, CA 91950

I didn't know I'd be returning back to Point Loma Seafoods this soon after my recent Fish & Chips post but I had left it up to my friend who was driving to pick a lunch spot and this is where we ended up. No complaints from me though.. :)

Was more like a light afternoon snack that included.. [Zooming out to the full picture..]

Heinekens on draft. Ceviche ($4.18), I had the Crab & Shrimp Combo Cocktail ($7.40) and a cup of Red Chowder ($3.25).

Really fresh stuff. I had to have on hand extra of their freshly made cocktail sauce because I love it so much with that horseradish kick. I want to take a tub of it home with me.

The cocktail may not look like a lot but considering it's all protein it was a pretty filling snack.

Tried the red chowder out of curiosity. A nice lighter tomatoey version of the creamy white style that I was used to and also great with small potatoes and many other vegetables. The seafood wasn't visually recognizable but it was definitely there.

I had a taste of their Ceviche and it was really really great. A very bright tartness and was so fresh, I know what I'll be having next time. Cathy of mmm-yoso had also recently done a revisit post on PLSF that could be found here.

A few more pics..

The photo didn't come out well but I was startled by a giant and curiously friendly seal that hangs out in the waters by the dock..

PLSF. Definitely not a bad spot to chill while nibbling on some extremely fresh seafood.

BTW, does anyone know what species of trees these are? They have a really weird spongy bark. Balsa? Cork?

Hope everyone is having a great weekend. Boy the weather has been funtastic.. :)

Point Loma Seafoods, 2805 Emerson Street San Diego, CA 92106

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Two Meals - Monday 4.19.2010 - Rocky's Crown Pub And Sakura

So I had the option of doing a Wednesday Onezie or a Two Meals post tonight and chose to do the latter. I haven't thought deeply what days constitute in becoming a two meals post as opposed to a onezie except that maybe I happen to have two consecutive meals in a row that I feel I rather share sooner than later.(?)

Anyway had a burger dinner at Rocky's Crown Pub by suggestion of a friend. First time to actually visit at night. My first post on Rocky's here which I warn was during my very early blogging days. I can tell I neurotically edited it to death, haha. I also noticed recently that Rocky's is using one of my photos from it on their website but that's cool.... I'm honored. :)

I think this is the first time I had the half-pounder as well. With cheese, runs a little over six-dollars. Fries are an extra $2.50 and for me a must with. Both took some time as usual (about 15~20 mins) to come out but you have a beer or two while waiting and chatting up.

Deeeelish. A loosely packed thick patty with a very nice outer char crust and a bit of pink in the center. Had a few "moist" burgers in the past lately but this really reminded me the difference between burger juice and burger grease. Not that this burger lacked any fat..

But it was full of yummy beefy flavorful burger juice. The bun is nothing fancy but held things together sufficiently. With the finer mince of the patty I practically swallowed the burger whole! :)

The fries here seem to originate from a large freezered brown bag but the always crispy and fluffy centered they are goes to show not all frozen fries have to taste like so. Really enjoy these a lot.

Had a Sierra Nevada this day. Actually two.

Maybe it had to do with the Monday it was but wasn't as packed as I imagined Rocky's would be at this hour. Personal mental note to self made..

A very basic but very delicious burger. Couple that with a fun mellow night, reminds me I definitely should make it out here more often.. :)

Rocky's Crown Pub, 3786 Ingraham St, San Diego, CA 92109

Lunch earlier in the day was at Sakura. One may think by now I'm buddies with the owners but nope. I probably conversed with Kazu-san the itamae once and was during ordering at that. The friendly waitresses recognize me as the weird regular who takes pics of their lunches. They do seem to let me slide using a credit card (of meals under $15) the days I forget to bring cash but that's really about it. :)

I'm actually about ready to do another longer lunch post this weekend but wanted to share here the new Koebi no Kakiage Chazuke (Kakiage Tempura with Small Shrimp Chazuke, $8.50) that I really enjoyed. This was actually the second time having.

Chazuke or Ochazuke is a rice dish where you pour tea or dashi over steamed rice with various savory toppings. At home it's an easily prepared quick dish often made with leftovers and hot water or tea but I somehow picture it eaten late at night for its easier digestive properties (great for hangovers too, haha).

At Sakura was served with a hot dashi. The broth was already quite savory and for me no need for any additional sodium.

The contrast in texture of the crispy kakiage tempura with the hot rice and broth was really great.

In the kakiage from what I can remember were onions, carrots, shimeji mushrooms, small shrimp.. On the rice were kizami nori, kaiware daikon sprouts and shredded kombu tsukemono to name a few.

In the yakumi condiments tray were yuzu paste, wasabi, ume sour plum, and scallions.

Used to your liking, all wonderful in small amounts. The yuzu paste added a great citrus and peppery zest. It was also salty though and over using may cause the already seasoned dashi broth to become too salty.

Had Sakura's hiyayakko cold tofu appetizer ($2.50) as a side. Always a favorite with sliced raw okra, some grated ginger and bonito flakes. The tofu is usually a medium-firm momen.

Hope you enjoyed these.. The week is half over, woo hoo! :)

Izakaya Sakura, 3904 Convoy St #121, San Diego, CA 92111