Saturday, May 1, 2010

A Lefty's Deep Dish, Finally!

Finally got to try Lefty's in Mission Hills last week. After those Bangers & Mash though I did have to wait a few days, haha. Anyway the spot is where the old Phil's BBQ used to be. I always thought the building was really attractive inside and out so I'm really happy about the (totally worthy) new tenants. :)

The slices in the glass case looked great and I knew we were up for a great meal..

The thin crust actually looked really good and was tempting but trying the deep dish for the inaugural was kind of a given I guess. Even went for a whole pizza which for a deep dish takes 35 mins. All the specialties listed sounded so salivatingly good but ended up with the Meaty Pie after hearing it was the most popular - sausage, pepperoni, meatball, italian beef. My goodness.(!)

And here it was.. Lefty's deep dish Meaty Pie ($24). What a beaut! :)

And this was one hefty pie. When I first lifted the box I seriously thought the metal pan or even a pizza stone was left in!
So drove it to the nearby friend's while picking up a couple of cokes from Ibis Market on the way. Photo of the piping hot pizza on the roof of my car.. :)

Pizza in da house.. While G.R.A. was busy getting a quote for floor refinishing and what not, starving I went ahead and dug in. ;)

(My palm and finger tips burning...) I haven't had many deep dish pizzas in my life but for whatever it's worth this was easily the best I had. Wasn't salty at all as I had imagined it might be with all the meats. The chunky tomato sauce had a great naturally sweet tomato flavor.

A single slice was quite filling but I somehow managed to eat two, probably because I had a light lunch this day. The crust was a nice crusty/chewy a texture a cross between good tasting artisan bread and a flaky pie crust (versions I've had in the past were tough and floury without flavor which definitely wasn't the case at Lefty's). So none will be going to waste here.. in fact with all that filling almost a necessity. As much as I felt at the moment that I wouldn't be able to eat another pizza for at least a month, come lunch the next day I was craving for another slice. Can't wait to try their hot dog!

Lefty's Chicago Pizzeria (Mission Hills), 4030 Goldfinch, San Diego, CA 92103


Jenne said...

I love the Maxwell Street Polish, and their fries might be my favorite in SD!

K and S said...

looks so good!

caninecologne said...

hi dennis,
nice pic of the sun's ray shining down on the pizza!

Dennis K. said...

Thanks Jenne, I'm definitely going to try that next time!

Hi K&S, I know, isn't it a beauty!? :)

Hi CC! Haha, yeah I had fun. There were others but it either showed too much of the house or people.. It was the most anonymous pizza on the roof of the car shot.. haha.

caninecologne said...

you need to have that sound in the background, "aaahhh" (like God or any other diety for that matter) is coming down from the clouds or something). ha ha.

Michael said...

Hi Dennis, I too love that pic of the pizzaporn centerfold shot with the sun ray beating down on it. a perfect shot to celebrate a great pizza.

Kirbie said...

Mmm. This looks good! Nice to know the new occupants of former Phil's is such a yummy place.

Dennis K. said...

Hi CC, it was like Christmas so I think I heard reindeers and some bells, haha. ;)

Thanks Michael!! There were actually better shots but wanted to respect my friend's privacy..

Hi Kirbie, these peeps were so cool. I can't wait to visit again and possibly eat there next time. BTW I'm still having trouble commenting on your blog! I'm not sure what the recurring bug is... :(