Thursday, June 16, 2011

Santouka's Limited Time Hiyashi TanTan Men - Mitsuwa SD 18th Anni Sale

Mitsuwa Market San Diego is celebrating their 18th Anniversary with a sale this week. Apologize for being a bit late posting about it but the sale will be going on until this Sunday.

I'm usually most curious of special limited time dishes often offered during where the link wasn't very specific about. Was able to drop by for lunch earlier in the week and was happy to see Santouka had a chilled Hiyashi TanTan Men. Very cool. (No pun intended!)

A short background to the soupy more ramen-like Japanized TanTan Men I mentioned about in my last Santouka's special menu offering post. I have to say it's funny and ironic here how the playful further fusioned - already fusion dish seems to have resulted in opposing vectors and the now soupless version is actually back closer to the Chinese original.

In any case as you can see it was quite beautiful to look at. Starts with a large portion of Santouka's signature springy noodles made further resilient by shock-chilling it in ice water, then topping it with some vegetables, ground pork, small dollop of spicy miso paste, shrimp and a hanjyuku aji-tamago that made me do a double take (the marinated eggs here are usually hard boiled). Everything is tied together with what seemed like a sesame paste flavored sauce fortified with a little Tonkotsu broth at the bottom.

Mix it all up real good and you have yourself a pretty tasty lunch. As with the last limited time Japanese TanTan Men things were dialed down a bit, especially the heat and was fairly medium-mild for a TanTan Men. Still, I'd be happy to have it again.

But seriously. Did this wonderful marinated soft boiled egg really come from Santouka? I doubt company policy would allow the switch to be permanent but oh well.

Kayaba next door is also participating with a Fried Shrimp Curry for ~$7. May grab it for dinner before the week ends.

These days I've been ordering meals here with my now favorite "Negi Meshi" green onions rice bowl ($1.99). A half portion bowl of rice topped with flavored bonito flakes, sliced aburaage and the minced leafy green top portion of scallions. Good stuff.

Santouka Ramen, 4240 Kearny Mesa Rd (Mitsuwa Market Food Court), San Diego, CA 92111


kish said...

i am a sucker for soft boiled eggs.

i am also a sucker for things that are limited time only.

i am also a sucker for writing the same beginning to a sentence three times. haha

K and S said...

that hiyashi tantan men looks great!

KirkK said...

Man, I might just that for the boiled egg.....

Dennis K. said...

Hi Kish, I'm actually a total sucker for things that are a limited time too.. haha. ;)

Hi Kat! They took the safe strategy again and went for one that won't offend anyone. Still was fun to try.

Hi Kirk! I sure did document it enough didn't I? haha. It was just so weird to see a hanjyuku in Santouka.

OkiHwn said...

That's one good looking is the rice!