Monday, August 22, 2011

Asian Dude Food: A Banh Mi Xiu Mai @ Kim Chan Sandwiches Shop

That wasn't a spelling error on my part - Sandwiches Shop. Only noticed the sign during this recent visit to Kim Chan.

But anyway with my last rather disappointing meal at the newer Cali Baguette off of Convoy (was right when they opened and will give them another try soon), I've been revisiting older tried and true Banh Mi haunts as of late. I was back at Kim Chan after a longer dry spell for a quick bite and to maybe later give some updated bloggery love. Prices on board menu here.

This day I chose Xiu Mai ($3). It's sort of the Italian Meatball Sub varietal of your glorious Banh Mi. The filling, an often tomato sauce flavored Vietnamese Xiu Mai that seems to have little resemblance to the skinned Chinese Siu Mai counterpart. In fact from most of my experiences the looser ground often spread into the bread resulting something akin more to an Asian Sloppy Joe but far less messy thanks to the clamshell effect of those airy Vietnamese baguettes.

This day stronger well pickled carrots and daikon, a good amount of Cilantro (love the stems and all), the meats warmed for maximum flavor and the bread nicely toasted. Aside from the meatball sub lineage I guess what added to the eligibility for my "Dude Food" status was the fairly good amount of that yellow Vietnamese mayo which I happen to enjoy, particularly in this sandwich. Along with the sliced jalapenos each mouthful a loose meat flavor bonanza.

A great inexpensive lunch with thoughts as to why I don't visit Kim Chan more often. The massive pack of Fried Turnip Cake & Eggs were only $3. Sounds perfect for my next inexpensive dinner. Booyah.

Kim Chan Sandwich Shop, 4712 El Cajon Blvd # N, San Diego, CA 92115

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