Friday, August 19, 2011

The Early Bird: Breakfast @ Harry's Coffee Shop - La Jolla

Had breakfast at Harry's two Saturday mornings ago. It's been a while for me visiting but they were busy as ever...

The breakfast sausages asked as a side are my favorite simple kind. The almost square skinless that are "linked" together lengthwise like ammo to a bandolier, haha. Tasty though.

FYI, Harry's is the only other breakfast joint that I know of in SD which serves C.B.O.T. next to The Huddle in Mission Hills. Unfortunately for me it's the lightly tangy pastrami-like chipped beef style that I happen to not have grown up with and care for. (But can be seen here listed as "C" if curious.)

This day I consumed another Ham & Egg Sandwich. My breakfast trend for the month. Asked with lettuce and tomatoes which they were kind enough to not charge extra for and the Hash Browns asked for crispy was to order.

The eggs were over-well but I think three out of four special requests for how completely swamped the kitchen and staff were this particular morning fairs out pretty good. It was a great American breakfast as always. Thanks Harry's! :)

Harry's Coffee Shop, 7545 Girard Ave, CA 92037

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