Friday, August 19, 2011

The Early Bird: Ham & Egg Sandwich @ The Huddle

The Huddle seen at 6:02AM.

I'm always tempted to have the C.B.O.T. here but since it was a workweek and I couldn't afford to have a potential post-meal coma with a full day ahead, settled on a Ham & Egg Sandwich. My first to have here.

A side of Hash Browns instead of fries. The Hash Browns crispy-outer / fluffy potato-ey inner goodness as they always are. The Heinz Ketchup gods would be proud.

Whoa, check out all that ham in there! Nice, and they even did the egg over-easy like I asked.
"I luv you... You luv me..."

All Together Now...

The Huddle, 4023 Goldfinch Street San Diego, CA 92103

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