Saturday, August 13, 2011

The Early Bird: The Surferosa Cafe - San Clemente (Formerly Love Burger)

A few months back I had two occasions in running errands up to Irvine and had stopped by San Clemente for my usual gas fill up and a quick bite. I noticed the old Love Burger had changed and decided to stop in the now Surferosa Cafe.

At least the breakfast menu didn't seem too out of the ordinary which I was glad cause I was really in the mood for some standard two eggs breakfast fare.

This day with ham which is a very rare occurrence for me but anyway, the eggs were perfect and the ham nice on the thick side. Hash browns I'd be asking for them crispy next time. The salsa was really great, light tasting and super duper fresh. :)

I have to say the interior was done quite tastefully where I really dug the light brown vinyl booths and the rather atypical monochromatic palette with reserved use of dark wood trim. They all somehow neatly worked.

While the cool updated interior alone may have been enough to bring me back, the daily made house salsa had me at hola.

And you can say that wonderful San Clemente early morning ocean breeze was hard to beat as well. *deep breath* ...Ahh.

Had the Ham and Egg Sandwich my second visit.

I remember it named something fancier but it leaves me at the moment. Came with fresh avocado which was a first for me. Pretty tasty and the eggs were done the prerequisite medium (runny yolks a personal option) while the unshredded folded whole lettuce leaves didn't go unnoticed either.

The Hash Browns this time asked for crispy was spot on.

Definitely will be back. As for breakfast goes will be alternating between them and The Bagel Shack.

The Surferosa Cafe, 1402 South El Camino Real, San Clemente, CA 92672


caninecologne said...

cool name - Surferosa. It's also the title of one of the best Pixie albums "Surfer Rosa" (1988)

Dennis K. said...

Hi CC! Neat, I was wondering where the name could've come from. Maybe the new owners are Pixie fans. I like them more already.