Friday, August 19, 2011

Offset: My $2.75 Omusubi Dinner @ Nijiya

The sharing of my cheap dinners continue. As of today calling the series - Offset.

I haven't confirmed the exact time but after 6PM-ish many deli items get marked down 20%. I've seen this at Mitsuwa and Marukai as well.

Dinner this evening two Nijiya Omusubi's tallying $2.75.

Microwaved for a minute the Tori Soboro and Karaage Mayo fillings were tasty as heck but did feel sparse compared to previous experiences. Glad the rice which were plenty is organic and good for me as you can't say the same for most Onigiris elsewhere. Organic is Nijiya's shtick, and I'm shticking to it.

ぼぼ、ぼくは。 お、おにぎり が す、好きなんだな。。。

Nijiya Market, 3860 Convoy St (# 109), San Diego, CA 92111


caninecologne said...

dude, how did you take the last photo?????!

word ver: sornifi

Dennis K. said...

Congratulations CC, you were the first to ever notice! I've been posting hands free shots for a couple months now.