Sunday, August 21, 2011

Whistle Stop For A Burger @ Beef 'N Bun

Several weeks ago was having some furniture powder coated in El Cajon and my friend suggested Beef 'N Bun for lunch. It would be my first but heard the name many times so I was pretty excited. Cute sign!

The Peanut Butter and Chocolate milkshake was phenomenal... So Thick and Rich!

And the burger wasn't too shabby either. I got the Half Pound ($3.69), which was two quarter pound patties griddled to lovely lightly charred edges, cooked closer to well-done but still moist. The piping hot crinkle cut fries also helped hit the spot the day.

Beef 'N Bun reminded me of the many great family owned burger joints with personality that litter Los Angeles' landscape but somehow in SD we seem to not have enough of. Places like them are hard not to love and I totally wish a Beef 'N Bun outpost existed in my part of town.

Check out this cool video I found on Youtube, I think made for a class project by one of the kids at Grossmont High... Good Job! :)

Beef 'N Bun Whistle Stop, 2477 Fletcher Pkwy, El Cajon, CA 92020


caninecologne said...

Ooh, nice photo there of the shake Dennis (2nd one)! My husband wants to go here now! Mom 'n pop joints are a dying breed unfortunately. We'll have to pay a visit soon!

That was a cool video - short and sweet and to the point! That's a great commercial for Beef 'n Bun. It should be shown on TV!

word ver:

Carol said...

Good looking burger and shake! Love these kind of small M&P joints. I'll have to stop by and get a burger (or two) and a shake.

Mary said...

This is a good spot - Jake and I found it once on accident and eat there - pretty good! We made the mistake of referencing Fred's - we quickly found out it was a sore subject since Fred used to work here before starting his own restaurants in Alpine and El Cajon. Good stuff though!

Dennis K. said...

I totally agree CC, that video should be on television, haha.

Hi Carol, I'm hoping to be back soon. I need to pick up my table frames at the powder coaters. :)

Hi Mary, still haven't made it out to Fred's. I need to. Seems there are more family run burger shacks out there. We need to support them! :)